Oliver’s Lucky Charm


Lucky our feisty paw hero is Oliver’s “Lucky Charm”, here Lucky narrates how he saved the day from martin who was planning to rob them…read on.
Home alone
I was alone in my house when I heard someone coming in. He was chubby and I was scanning his long, curly, yellow hair. I was about to bark at him then I noticed it was Oliver’s friend Martin! I nudged him to play with me, but he was going near the locker, and he gave me some treats to eat which tasted awful.
Lucky saves the day
I became tired and dozed on my couch. I had a terrible dream that we were being robbed. As I woke martin was grinning and smiling like Voldemort – a character in Harry Potter. He said that he will ‘steal the gold from the locker’. I was enraged and bit him hard on his leg. he shouted “Owwwww’ and I barked out loud! The neighbors came running to the spot and a white car with flashing lights and a loud siren sound also came by. Martin was arrested.
Proud as a lion!
My friend Oliver came running and cried “My dear Lucky you are the best dog in the world, I love you. I have a special collar, chicken, Pedigree, and a big bone! Have it my dear charm!”
While I was busy chewing my new bone and enjoying treats, Oliver was busy talking on the phone. He was talking to a cousin and told him about the entire story. His cousin was shocked and I was as proud as a lion! I barked with pride and Oliver told me that ‘You saved the day’ and ‘I am the apple of his eyes’. I clearly didn’t understand what he said but I was very happy!