Clause of Claws!

The pain of a broken nail, pain of a broken heart! If your cat has a broken nail, do not try to cut or remove the nail! Read on to find out what you should be doing.


Joan E Henderson Cats can break their nails while clawing or playing and it can be extremely painful and uncomfortable for them. Do not directly remove the nail, as it can aggravate the pain and worsen the situation. Place your thumb on top of the paw, close to the nails, and your index finger on the large pad on the bottom of the paw. Press your thumb and finger together. This will expose the nail for examination. Carefully examine the broken nail without touching it.

Hold a clean cloth or sterile dressing against the nail. Bleeding should stop in a few minutes.

If your pet seems to be in severe pain, or if the bleeding does not stop, don’t delay getting medical help from the veterinarian.

It is very important to use the right type of nail clipper to avoid problems when cutting cat’s nails. Your veterinarian will tell you which is the best clipper to use. If your cat is hyperactive and doesn’t stay in a place while getting her nails clipped, you can go to a professional groomer to avoid mishaps. (Joan Henderson is a retired all breed cat judge from Melbourne, Australia)