Whiff for your woof


We all know our pooches are nosey – olfaction is their primary and most important sense. Humans have five million scent receptors in their nasal folds but these guys have over 200 million!!! No wonder then that our pooches love and actually benefit from aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy for relaxation
How do you feel after a luxurious aromatherapy session? Ofcourse, you feel relaxed, elated and rejuvenated – both in mind and body. Here’s more on this enticing experience…but for our lovely companions.
Diffusing essential oils
Essential oils can be diffused in air using: • Lamp Ring Diffuser • Electric Diffuser
An exhilarating experience for your pooch
Dog-aholics, Mumbai offers aqua thermal aromatherapy for the pooches. It’s an enticing experience for our pooches…just like we relax and enjoy at a spa. The mood is set just right …the aromatic candles are lit, lights are dimmed out and your pooch is pampered with an aqua thermal rinse with a special shampoo. Since the dogs have strong smelling power, the oils are diluted so that the smell is soft for them.
The shampoo is slowly kneaded in giving your pooch a relaxing massage for approximately 7-10 mins. Sometimes, the dogs start yawning and sometimes they just fall asleep with the relaxing massage.
Post the aqua thermal rinse, his hair is blow dried, ears are cleaned and nails clipped. The rejuvenated and relaxed pooch gets the final touch with a designer scarf and a dash of dog-friendly perfume…vow! The pooch is ready So, indulge your pet in an enticing aromatherapy session and see him relaxed and rejuvenated.
(Avril Lopez is a groomer at Dog-aholics, Mumbai which provides services including haircutting, shampooing, grooming, tick and flea controls, etc.)