Let your canine shine in winter

Dry skin, dry hair, cracking heels – all are signs of winter setting in…not just for you but for your pooch as well. Here’s how to take care of your canine in winter.

Grooming your dog is essential to responsible pet parenting. Here’s how to keep your pet well-groomed in winter:
Brushing: Regular brushing is a must to keep dry skin away. To help him stay warm, use a smart dog coat.
Bathing: Prepare all in advance, have extra towels, make the bath quick, if you heat the room where you dry your dog will be great. Properly dry his coat. Get your dog used to a blow dryer. Use the blow dryer with caution and care.
Nail-clipping: Clip their nails regularly.
Cracking paws: Check your pooch’s paws for dryness and cracking. Use Vaseline to relieve any such symptoms.
Pamper your pet at a groomer, keep him hearty, happy and warm by cuddling up with him!