Yap! Lap!


Yappy hours for your pooch
US-based Bark Vineyards offers premium canine wine and spirits for your pooches. When you hear the words Fine Wine for the Canine, perhaps the first question that comes to your mind is, “Is this really a wine?” The answer is “No”. Manufactured in a FDA approved facility using only human grade ingredients, Bark Vineyards makes a premium au-jus, designed to be poured over our furry friend’s meal. With clever names such as Barkundy, Pinot Leasheo, Sauvignon Bark and White Sniff-n-Tail combined with beautifully designed labels, Bark Vineyards has been quite the “in” means for the four legged members of the family to enjoy a relaxing evening drink with their human companions. The beauty of the labels has created a demand from wine collectors and art lovers.
The idea was conceived by Kathleen Ramsey who embarked on creating a healthy and fun au-jus or gravy for dogs, which can be presented as a fine wine. Commenting on the rapid growth and success of this start-up company Ramsey says, “Bark Vineyards was a novelty idea that turned into a success with not only wine lovers but people who love their dogs and cats like their children.”
If you wish to have more info about these drinks for your canine, log on to www.barkvineyards.com