Simba & His Sensational Homecoming

Simba came into our life as a blessing! It all started with a picture shared on a Facebook group that reported abandoned puppies. We were keen to rescue and wanted to ensure all the puppies get loving homes. But Simba stuck with us and it has been a life-changing experience.
–by Dia Seth


Simba was suffering from certain gastro problems, parvo virus infection, and was very weak. This was the reason he couldn’t be adopted anywhere. We took a call and decided to adopt Simba. His innocent puppy eyes, little nose and paws casted a magic spell and he made his way into our home and heart. Smallest things were recorded and adored upon.

Simba and Dia Seth
Simba and Dia Seth

Simba the Dogfluencer

I thought to myself, why not share his antics on social media so I can cherish it forever, and others can perhaps laugh at his funny “awooos”! This kept on going, until we realised that Simba had actually become the first Dogfluencer to have many followers in Gujarat itself. We celebrated all his escapades and pranks.

Cherish your paw

And it was because of Simba that I started to understand dog language more. I realised how their growling didn’t always mean anger but also cheerfulness and a way to communicate! I realised how a dog’s face and body language communicated better than his barking. I started to care for our community street dogs and began to work for them, feed them, and love them as much as I could.

Some things just fill your heart without trying!

In no time he grew fond of other humans around. Recently he was invited to a pre-school to meet the children and interact with them. I was nervous because I thought kids might end up annoying Simba but to my surprise, he loved the company of kids. He allowed the kids to touch and pat him and was patient with the kids and licked them back.

Respect their decision

However, one thing that I have understood so far, by being a dog sister, is that just like humans being introverts, some dogs can also be introverts and may not always prefer meeting other dogs. This is a boundary that they set, and they do not set boundaries for random silly reasons. As pet parents, we should respect this decision.

Socialisation doesn’t only mean meeting new dogs but also being in new surroundings, playing with new toys, and meeting new humans. As a kid, he loved meeting new dogs but when he grew up, a street dog bit him badly on his nose, since then he does not trust being around dogs. Taking him to a dog-friendly cafe is more of a stress than enjoyment for him. After that incident, I took a call and decided to not make him uncomfortable in the name of socialisation.

Adorable attention seeker

The most important thing Simba has ever taught us is to be patient. I believe patience is the key to success in every aspect, be it dog training, dog behaviour, or understanding. He also kept us on our toes for he is a spoilt brat who fake cries in front of mom in order to go for walks and to eat grass!

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