Magnificent Mahabaleshwar with Theodore

Keep in mind these tips and make travel tales fun with your paw family!
–by Saba Poonawala


It’s always fun to travel with your furry companion. But do you know what exactly needs to be done when you’re travelling with them? What all things you need to carry with you and what are some things that you should keep in mind? Here’s some help for our fellow pet-parents.

Pawfect Destination

When we decided to go on a vacation with our pet, the first thing I did was to check pet-friendly resorts in the area. I booked one in Mahabaleshwar as they offered the cottage room to us. We decided to travel from Pune to Mahabaleshwar in the car. We used a bed sheet over the back seat so that the car wouldn’t get too dirty especially because of the rains and Theo’s dirty feet coming in.

Take A Break

It’s a three-and-a-half-hour journey. We stopped after two hours and let Theo out so that he could walk around and relieve himself. Make sure you carry your poop scooper and are responsible enough to clean up after your pet does his business!

Theo The Traveler

Once we reached the resort, the super friendly staff didn’t take time to make friends with Theo and he didn’t take anytime whatsoever to befriend them as well! He was delighted to meet new people. Showing his best behavior, our good boy became everyone’s favorite in no time.

The next day we went sightseeing around Mahabaleshwar. I carried a packet of treats with me so that Theo would always remain in focus. More than us, he had a great time with the horses! And the stud that he is, he was the cynosure here as well.

First Aid Box A Necessity

Theo & Saba PoonawalaWhen we reached back to the resort, and Theo was resting, I saw some blood coming from his paw. Upon closer examination, I noticed that there was a leech attached to it. So then began the leech removal and first-aid process. Lucky enough I always carry first aid for him. I cleaned his paws with antiseptic solution and then used a gauze piece to absorb the blood. Theo however, didn’t care at all and had passed out during the entire episode.

Theo & Saba Poonawala

Travel To Your Heart’s Content

  • Carry an extra collar and leash
  • Carry treats in a waist pouch when you are out for sightseeing
  • First-aid kits are very important and should include medicines for loose motion, vomiting, and fever. It should also have antiseptic solution, cotton, and bandage.
  • Carry dry pet food in case the resort doesn’t prepare home cooked food for your pet.
  • Carry a few towels and a small bottle of shampoo.
  • A bed sheet for the car and a thick sheet instead of a bed for him would be ideal.

Hope the tips help and you have a fantastic travel experience with your pets!

(Saba Poonawala is co-founder of Pune Chennai Dog Training Academy)