Make her the glam girl


Sensational Spaniel family…
The Spaniel family has many beautiful contenders amongst themselves, each one having her own unique characteristics. In earlier times, they were often referred to as the Water Dogs or Water Spaniels. The spaniel was then crossed with other carefully selected breeds which gave rise to the now popularly known breeds such as the Cocker, English Cocker, Springer, American Water, Brittany (or Breton Spaniel), Irish Water, Clumber, Sussex, Welch, Toy and Field Spaniels.
Gorgeous Cocker Spaniel…
The Cocker Spaniel, also known as the American Cocker Spaniel, is smart, intelligent, responsive and generally friendly. Her coat is thick, fine and silky, which is comparatively short on the head and longer on the body. Though the ideal appearance comes with the long coat, some pet parents maintain a medium or short coat length on their pet, to keep the hair more manageable.
Brush till the hair shines…
As Cocker Spaniels have a thick and dense coat type, daily brushing becomes an essential routine to keep their hair tangle/matt free and all sorted out. A combination of a steel comb, a soft pad pin brush and a slicker brush is recommended for brushing your pet. The steel comb comes in handy to check any tangles, while the pin brush and slicker brush can be used as effective tools to open out the matted portions. As the texture of the hair is very silky, one should be extremely careful not to pull at the hair, especially the knotted areas while brushing.
Ravishing English Cocker Spaniel
The English Cocker Spaniel is known to be a total charmer with indisputably wonderful looks and with her totally cheerful and friendly attitude. She is definitely one of the most popular pets all over the world. As compared with the American Cocker Spaniel, the English has a shorter coat type which is usually medium length and flat lying over the body. She has shorter hair on the head in comparison with her body, which stands true for majority ofthe Spaniels.
For a bewitching…
Though daily brushing is recommended, taking care of your pet’s hair, at least every alternate day should be mandatory. A combination of a steel comb and a slicker brush is all that you need for brushing your pet.

Taking the plunge

  • While bathing your Cocker, you should definitely ensure that no alien body enters the ears, as this may needlessly attract ear infections.
  • Each ear should be properly checked for any grass seeds/parasites during the bath and cleaned properly with dry cotton balls to take out any wax deposits and any residue left over from the bath.
  • Use of a tick and flea powder should be encouraged, especially in the current weather to keep a check on such unwanted parasites.
  • Cockers do sport a breed specific clip/style and they definitely need special attention towards their ears, under pads, toilet areas and under stomach. Visit your groomer for such needs.

(Preeti and Sanjeev Kumar of SCOOBY SCRUB, New Delhi are professional certified groomers (Thailand) and animal welfare workers)