Shweta Kawaatra and Manav Gohil


Shweta Kawaatra and Manav Gohil need no introduction. This Pawfect couple looked adorable together and gained appreciation after their rocking performances in Nach Baliye 2. A few people know that this celeb couple also loves our furry tails. They love their cute little furry angel – Moguli. Well, do not make the obvious mistake of taking him as the jungle boy Mowgli of Jungle Book. A Lhasa Apso, Moguli is not just a dog, he’s a wonder dog for both of them.
A young lassie, just 19 years old, Shweta ventured into acting by chance. A former ramp model, she made her mark on television after her series Suhana Safar on Zee TV. This followed a long trail of serials including Yeh Kahan Aagaye Hum, Darr, Ghar Ek Mandir, Bandhan and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. In viewers’ memory, she always remains afresh as the famous sister-in-law Pallavi in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki. While Manav, a dimpled sweetheart of small screen, has performed in many TV serials including Fame Gurukul, CID & CID Special Bureau, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki, Kasautii Zindagii Ki, Sarkaar, Manshaa, Remix, Kkusum, Saara Akaash, Kahani Teri Meri, to name a few. Together they rocked as one of the participating couples in Nach Baliye 2.
Shweta, an avid animal lover, always had a pet since childhood. As she fondly remembers her first pet Mischief – a Lhasa Apso, “Mischief was like his name, full of pranks and antics. He had his own ways of expressing things. He just wanted to be a free bird…all day long.”
After Mischief came as a real bundle of joy, a surprise birthday gift from Manav – and they named him Moguli. A birthday that Shweta still fondly remembers even today, “It was eight years back on my birthday, which gave me all the reasons to be happy for all my life. Manav knew that I loved Lhasa’s, so he gifted this little furry ball to me…which was a surprise…and I was jumping with joy,” she recalls.
Moguli, a pawfect homely dog, hardly gives any tough time to his mommy. All he wants is to play with his six balls. He loves to rock ‘n’ roll with his balls. “When he wants to play, I have to collect all his balls from the balcony, under the table, behind the curtains, below the bed, table, almirahs…hahh and every possible place…just to make my doggie happy,” shares Shweta.
All play and no work…makes Moguli a wonder dog. “Yes,” affirms Shweta. “All he wants is to play, play and play with me, Manav, guests, kids and house help…and everybody he knows. As soon as someone steps in our home, Moguli brings all his balls and starts all the antics to begin the game. He simply loves to gallop in the house…he thinks he is a big horse,” she shares.
“He has his own preferences, as every time he wants to play, he wants to play with a particular ball, if that’s missing, he’ll go hysteric. No one can understand how much hard work is involved in his playing. So we have to be very careful about all his playing material. His bone-shaped ball is his favourite, so I keep it handy all the time,” states Shweta.
Mommy Shweta feels scared for his over-friendly baby, as he has no enemies, he is friends with everybody. “Sometimes I feel scared as he simply gets along with anybody and everybody. Anyone can easily take him along…he’s too good,” she adds.
Moguli particularly loves kids. “Whenever kids surround our household, he gathers all his balls and offers them to play with him. The moment guests come, he collects all his balls and starts rolling it with his small nose. He looks so adorable that he can make any hard-hearted person go weak-in-the-knees,” says Shweta with a smile on her face.
Mamma’s boy is not in mood to grow up, as Shweta laughs loudly and adds, “When a girl came to mate…he started his old game…his favourite ball game… hah… our man still wants to remain a boy.”
Well! This cuddly cute gift has created li’l issue for Manav…Well, it’s not that little too. As Shweta shares, “He’s a jealous dog, he just hates Manav hugging or coming close to me… an absolute jealous dog. So Manav has to be extra conscious when he cuddles or hugs me as it’s usually backed by a growl… grrrrrr, that’s my domain, keep off.”
Despite a busy schedule, both Shweta and Manav take out time for Moguli. “Whenever we are home, all three of us spend time together…we play, watch television and make merry,” she says. The moment I enter the home I start talking to him, I share all my day’s happenings with him and believe me… he’s all ears ,” adds Shweta.
Moguli never wants Shweta to go out, “The moment he hears the sound of keys, he starts barking and follows Manav to the door. When I leave he sulks. Before I enter the home, I have to be prepared to take his scolding,” explains Shweta.
For taking good care of Moguli in her absence, Shweta has even kept a Nanny for him. “Moguli has his house help, who looks after his nutritional needs, daily requirements and playing schedules. She takes good care of my kid, so that I can concentrate more on my work.”
Moguli loves to gorge on Bacon strips from the US. He prefers not to eat any other treat but those particular strips. “Chapati, chicken, potato and rice…are his dining delights. But he wants delicacies too…his imported baked treats. He never wants to change his treat that he gets every evening. So, every time I travel, I get six months stock, as it hurts me if I cannot feed him what he actually loves.”
All tails up to Shweta’s unconditional love for dogs, as she ends with just a simple message…BE A PARENT TO YOUR PETS.

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