about Irish Setters


Eight funny ‘n’ exasperating things about Irish Setters

Life with Setters can be anything but dull.

1 It’s fun to test your wits with these intelligent creatures. Stubborn to the core, you can break down their ‘dominating’ behaviour if you can outwit them at their own game. For instance, if you wanna get them to ‘get off the couch’, a stern command is often treated with scant respect. But involve them in a game and they are happy to do your bidding!
2 They have a little ‘knot’ on their head. That’s what some Setter lovers say is their ‘knot of knowledge’. Or others call the ‘kissable knot’. Or sometimes maybe you’d be prone to call them just ‘knuckleheads’!
3 Towel me, please! That’s what Setters say after their meal. Trust me they are very resourceful at finding their own napkins – unfortunately, it might be that lovely Persian rug that you just got back from the laundry!
4 While one Setter believes in ‘pointing’ and ‘setting’ every pigeon, house lizard, toad or every little sparrow in the backyard, the other might believe in ‘live and let live’ – preferring to laze in the sun than worry his little head over setting!
5 They are masters of counter surfing. You might find a freshly-baked cake that you left on the counter a minute ago, disappearing in the blink of an eye!
6 Spray bottles scare the hell outta the brave little Setter! Aim one and you will find him ducking for cover!
7 Setters have the most innovative ways of drinking water. It’s so boring to drink water out of a bowl, right? Straight out of a faucet – great. Better still – puddles of dirty water
8 They are big trophy-collectors. Be it socks, underwear, toys, balls, they have got to hoard them all. And, the most exasperating part is that they have to flaunt their embarrassing hoard in front of guests!