Why did you go, Nancy?


The proud heritage…
Nancy was a lovely white-brown stray dog who came into my life during my internship in a village. We loved to
spend time with each other in the evening, during which, she used to chase goats and look for words of appreciation from me. Those were the golden moments gradually, Nancy became possessive; she would not let any other dog come near me. She trusted me blindly.
When it was time for me to leave the village, I just couldn’t leave her alone and brought her to Baroda and got her neutered and vaccinated. I was happy of our life together. But fate had something else in store for her. Prior to the sterilization and vaccination, she must have been in the incubation stage of canine distemper. Thus, a 7 in 1 vaccine was completely ineffective on her. After the diagnosis, she was put under medication, but her condition worsened. I could feel her pain. The doctor advised that she should be put to rest as her condition was worsening day by day.
Finally the day came, which no animal lover wishes to see. Nancy sat on my lap, keeping her head on my chest, with the same trust in her eyes. Her soul left her body. Nancy was no more.
The glimpses of Nancy sleeping on the truck tyre, chasing goats to impress me, trusting and following me blindly, being possessive for me and moments when death came to her, are memories which I can never forget.