Bruno’s fun@camp


It’s always good to spend time with our cuddly canines and believe me, when they accompany us on a trip, the fun increases manifold. Bow! I was one of a few lucky ones, who had such great fun. Me and my pet Bruno simply went ballistic on our two-day camping at the outskirts of Mumbai.

Our morning started with swimming sessions, while I enjoyed it with other pooches; Bruno found some gorgeous females more appealing and loved chasing them. He wooed them at his best…alas! He didn’t get success. Then we went to our room for breakfast and lazed around for a while, conserving our energies for rocking evening sessions of interesting games…and our four-legged companions won some wonderful gifts as well.It was all good, then better and finally best for Bruno, as it was his birthday, we had a huge bash. All the doggies came dressed up, wearing a birthday cap to the riverside…it was the party venue and soon after cutting the cake…the fun knew no bounds. We also went trekking at the Karnala fort, which turned out to be the most enjoying trek. We wished, we had more such incidents of unadulterated fun, frolic and festivity…together.