You are their love…their life…

Often, we have heard and read that ‘Cats are independent creatures,’ but it is not so. They are dependent on their pet parents for various needs – love, care and attention. Let’s see how.

When you bring home a kitty, you bring home a treasure of memories. You love her antics, you love the way she yawns, her nature – sometimes indifferent, sometimes playful…you just love spending time with her. Yes, they do seem to be independent, but they need you in their life, just like you need them in yours. Here’s how you can help your kitty have an enjoyable time at your home:

  • Make your home kitty-safe: Drop down on all fours and look around your house – make your home kitty safe.
  • Take care of her meals: Consult your vet and give her cat food at specified intervals.
  • Give her a comfy bed: Cats love to sleep. Give your kitty a nice comfy bed to sleep – warm and cosy – that’s how her bed should be.
  • Give your cat her ID: Always put an identification tag around your cat’s neck, just in case, she strays out and is not able to come back home.
  • Keep her litter tray clean: Cats are clean creatures, keep their litter trays clean too!
  • Groom her even though she can groom herself: Even though they are very good at grooming themselves, they still need to be groomed to detect any problems in the skin.
  • Play with her: When you play with your cat, she feels cared for. They love to chase, so bring her cat toys to keep her occupied.
  • Spend quality time: Some pet parents think that cats can be left alone as they are happy themselves. But it is not so. They too need company – yours and other pets.
  • Take care of her health: They need to be regularly monitored to detect any signs of illness. Take them to your vet at regular intervals.
  • Be prepared for emergencies: They depend on you to take care of them in case of emergencies, keep your vet’s number and a first-aid kit handy.