Oscar Wonderpup– ‘Reel’ing in Love!

While scrolling on Instagram you might have come across cute dog reels. There are high chances you might have seen the viral sensation – Oscar Wonderpup. Know all about this awesome ‘paw’some internet star!
–by Sushil Kumar


Sushil Kumar with Oscar
Sushil Kumar with Oscar

Sushil recalls, ‘one fine day when lockdown started, a thought came to mind; let’s get a dog. Being a dog lover all my life, I directly acted on the thought and the next day, I had Oscar in my life. He has taught me unconditional love. His favourite thing is his daily walk, when he’s off leash and free to enjoy sniffing and running around.

Love is a two-way road!

The best thing about him is his calm nature and he’s very well-behaved. He never jumps on unknown people and greets everyone with love. He is famous for his off-leash walk without disturbing anyone on the road.

I don’t know what he loves the most about me, but I think he loves his morning cuddle with me, which I never miss giving him as soon as I wake up. Since day one this has been our daily ritual of waking up and giving belly rubs to Oscar in the morning.

The viral star to melt your heart

Being a professional social media marketer, I have always loved using social media and keep exploring it. After Oscar came into our life, I started his page to share his photos and videos, and there was no motive to become famous.But slowly, he started getting a good number of likes and views. And the breakthrough came with his first train travel journey reel, which went viral on Instagram and grabbed 3 million views and many likes. That particular reel was featured in Pinkvilla, Hindustan Times, and many other media portals. A couple of days after that reel Oscar almost got 7-8K followers.


My whole life revolves around being a single parent since he came into life. Our day starts with a morning cuddle, then his morning walk and tea pit-stop. After the walk, as soon we come back I prepare his food and give it to him. The day goes by working and playing with him in my breaks. Giving him treats and belly rubs, and to make sure he’s sleeping in comfort are of course my unsaid duties!

When my office ends, we go to the terrace to do his daily grooming, like brushing his hair and ear cleaning. We play a little and watch the sunset. As the sun sets, it is time for Oscar’s evening walk and to spend a lot of time outdoors playing on the ground with his other dog friends and meeting people. After returning home, I give him his dinner and the day ends with some cuddles or making reels.

A dog is a huge responsibility, more than a human baby. So think before you decide to become a pet-parent and when you make the decision give it your 100%.

Oscar has my heart completely, my wish is that I am making him truly happy- each moment we have spent together is a memory and an experience: train ride, his being happy on a vaccination drive, his stealing aloo parathas as a 4 months old pup, getting jealous of a unicorn- all his antics put a smile in my heart and all the people who watch him on: (Insta)Oscar_Wonderpup.