Zeal of Zigly–Giving pet parenting a new meaning!

Yamini Jaipuria talks about Zigly, a leading pet care brand in India. She shares her experience of building a brand and what the future has in-store for the pet industry.
–by Yamini Jaipuria


Being pet parents ourselves we have always had the deepest love for animals. Our (pets) have always been a part of our families. They have been included in all our activities and events. But not all animals get the chance to be taken care and be adopted by caring families.

The rise of Zigly – complete care for your pets

Zigly is a product of a lot of affection for animals and a profound grasp of pet parenting. Being pet parents ourselves, we identified a gap between the quality of products and services available in the market which were very limited and our pet needs. So with market opportunity, passion, and research Zigly came to life to offer the best of services to pets and pet parents across India.

With Zigly, we hope to fill the expanding gap in the market for expert services and high-quality goods for pets. We are building a one-stop shop for all pet care requirements which is based on our capability to deliver distinctive experiences and products for various pets. Moreover, ZIGLY also serves as a training platform for independent caregivers and provide opportunities for pet care specialists to retain a sustainable source of income.

Zigly’s vision is to build India’s largest pet care ecosystem by providing pet families with compassionate, reliable and competent pet care. At Zigly we try our best to get all services for pets under one roof—be it food, clothing, grooming, healthcare or accessories. We want to ensure that every pet gets a good lifestyle and access to proper care.

From humble beginnings onto the path of success

We began Zigly with one experience centre at Kailash Colony which was launched last year. And within a year we have opened seven more experience centres across Delhi-NCR in Janakpuri, Green Park, Punjabi Bagh, Gurugram, Defence Colony, Ambassador Hotel and New Friends Colony.

With the concept of all things to do with ‘Pet’ under one roof, our experience center takes care of health, nutrition, style and training essentials for your loved one. Zigly offers one of the widest range of pet care products such as food, nutritional supplements, hygiene products, accessories, toys along with a specially designed clothing line – for dogs, cats, and other pets. There is also a dedicated section for pet services including grooming, spa, salon, consultation, pathology, vaccination and pet treatments.

We are also available online and have an app for purchases and consultation. Going forward, Zigly plans to open 150 stores across India in the next five years.

Evolving pet parenting

Pet parenting has certainly evolved over the years. In the past, pets were often seen as simply property, and their care was often neglected. Today, however, pets are seen as members of the family, and pet parents take great care to provide them with the best possible care. This change in attitude has led to a boom in the pet industry, as pet parents are now willing and able to spend more money on their furry friends. This has resulted in better quality food and products, as well as more specialised care. For example, there are now doggy daycares and dog parks where socialisation is encouraged, and there are a variety of dog breeds to choose from.

Overall, pet parenting has come a long way, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As our bond with our pets continues to grow, we will only become more dedicated to providing them with the best possible care. The industry is expanding exponentially, particularly during and after COVID. However, due to the fact that many individuals are still learning about the advantages of pet parenting, the pet industry in India is still in its infancy. This is due to the low level of public awareness of the advantages of pet parenting and the fact that many individuals are still hesitant to commit to pet parenting.

Prospering with the growing pet industry

The pet industry is poised to grow in a number of ways. First, the human population is growing and more people are acquiring pets. Second, people are living longer and are more likely to have pets in their later years. Third, the trend toward urbanisation is resulting in more people living in smaller spaces and opting for smaller pets. Finally, the rise in disposable income is allowing people to spend more on their pets. All of these factors are contributing to the growth of the pet industry. As the pet industry continues to grow, we can expect to see more innovation in the products and services available to pet parents. We will also see an increase in the number of pet friendly businesses and public spaces. This growth will create new opportunities for pet-related businesses and help to improve the quality of life for pets and their pet parents alike.

My message to the industry and pet parents would be that we should all strive to be pet’s first individuals. We as humans have the benefit of care and access to our needs but our best friends, our furry friends should also benefit from the services and the pets deserve proper care too. At an individual level, we all should help the homeless to the best of our ability. A small act of kindness goes a long way and kindness to pets I believe is one of the noblest human behaviour.

(Yamini Jaipuria, Managing Trustee Cosmo Foundation and Petsfamila Community (Zigly Foundation)