Dogoscope – Woof! Blame it on the Star Sign!


Ever-romantic Gemini Pug… creatively balanced Libran Beagle… and passionately devoted Scorpio Lab… I hope most of our readers know, what we are talking about. Yes! Star sign traits are not only for humans, it’s for our caninebuddies as well. Here’s a sneak peek-a-boo on these Bow star signs…Woof! Let’s explore.
Have you ever wondered why some dogs are snappy and some amiable; why some are moody and some forever enthusiastic in life; why some have a sweet tooth and some would literally die for spicy nonvegetarian food? Well, those who don’t care much for dogs would probably shrug and say, “That’s because they belong to different breeds!” But things are not that simple. Those who love and “know” dogs, also know that every dog is as different from the other as are two fingerprints. In fact, what I’m about to say will be scoffed at by non-dog-loving skeptics, but the truth is that regardless of breed, even dogs are born with different characteristics, depending on the zodiac sign he/she is born under. Ask any dog parent, and they will vouch for the fact that every dog manifests certain traits that are typical of their signs. For many pet parents, getting to know more about the corresponding signs of their dogs also helps in understanding their canine child better and facilitates better handling. And so, read on carefully to know the characteristics of the star signs of your adorable babies.
(March 21- April 19)
If your baby is born under this sign, you have to be prepared to be in the thick of hurricanes all the time, because Aries dogs are full of energy and known to be hyperactive. So, if you are someone who is not too equipped to handle that kind of energy level, then don’t get an Aries pup home. But if you already have one, then learn to be ready for their power-packed performances all the time, and also be ready to “forgive”, since they are likely to end up breaking quite a few items in the house. But then forgiving them will not be a problem since they shower you with so much love that you can’t stay angry with them for long. But be very careful, not to scold them in public. That’s something that does not go down very well with these four-legged Aries.
(April 20- May 20)
If you happen to be a parent of the Taurus pet, then you can have some breathing space, since Taurus pets are known to be quite passive and easy-going. For children, it could be a dampener, since Taurus pups love to sleep more than playing. They also take time to like people, but once they do, they are yours for life. These darlings also love to eat because of which they are susceptible to obesity. So, be ready to take them out for regular exercise – even though they may put up a strong resistance to it.
(May 21 – June 20)
Gemini pets are one of those for whom you can say – curiosity is killing the dogs! They like to be a part of everything that is going around them and are also prone to sulking if you refuse to include them in all activities. So, be prepared to always pamper them and make them feel wanted. They hate to be left alone and feel very lost when they have no one around them. But what’s remarkable about them is their learning ability. They get trained really fast and are a pleasure to teach new things.
(June 21 – July 22)
Like their human counterparts, Cancer pets are very sensitive creatures. They are among the most emotional of all signs. Which is why you must keep this always in mind when you scold them or have a few nasty things to say to them. What’s more, they also get irritated very easily, especially when their private space is encroached upon. Also, keep in mind that they like your undivided attention. So, make sure you always have enough time for these moody pets of yours.
(July 23 – Aug 22)
When you are a parent of the Leo pet, you will know exactly what I mean when I say that these are the pets with loads of attitude. The sense of ownership they move about with in the house actually makes you wonder if you are a houseguest with them! They have certain elegance about their movement, which is a pleasure to watch.
They also love adventure and are game for whatever new routine or place you come up with. They also end up being leaders of the group of local strays, without having to prove their supremacy. They are in fact, ideal pets for house with kids, since not only do they protect the kids of the house very well, but also love to play with them with all the energy possible. They love to be treated kindly and they know of numerous ways to show you how much they love you.
(Aug 23- Sep 22)
These pets are known for their “feminine” qualities. They make terrific companions and are blessed with such intuitive powers that they know immediately when you are not well. For them, physical proximity is very important. They love to just hang around you and be in the same vicinity. They are shy and not very expressive, but the things that they do, are enough to let you know that they are crazy about you. You only need to have a Virgo pet to believe what I’m saying.
(Sep 23- Oct 22)
These are the easy-going types, who often do not play favourites in the house. They are known to divide their attention equally in the house and deal with all the members at an individual level. Surprised, aren’t you? But then that’s how they are. And just when you think that you can’t be mire surprised, digest that these Libran pets are known to enjoy all the good things in life. They like good food, places and yes – good play toys.
But be prepared for their major mood swings. They may be playful at one minute and sulking the other. But what difference does it make when all you feel for them is just love and more love – and vice versa!
(Oct 23- Nov 21)
Pets of this sign don’t trust easily, and especially when they have had a bad experience with someone early in life. So, next time if you see your pet snapping ‘unreasonably’ at someone, even if he/she is from the family, understand that your pet is most probably still smarting under past bruise and is settling scores! They are also full of energy and like to display that at every possible occasion. They are known to be very possessive and absolutely hate it when they see the affection being shared. So, next time when you see your Scorpio pet picking up a fight for no reason, understand that there is a “good” reason – that they are trying to get even for having their affection usurped! As for loyalty, well what can I say. They are the most loyal of all the signs in the zodiac.
(Nov 22 – Dec 21)
These are really the fun loving types, with no hang-ups whatsoever. What is also very endearing about them is their over eagerness to please, they will wag their tails, yelp, lap and lick your face – all to please you. Now, if that won’t melt your heart for good, what will?
They also like to stay outdoors a lot. And so, if you have a house with garden, they will have nothing to complain about. But they do have a tendency to go overboard with excitement and become forgetful. However, the good news is that they need to be disciplined very often. But the little darling that they are, they don’t mind that at all.
(Dec 22 – Jan 19)
The most endearing thing about Capricorn pets is that they stay young forever – in spirit that is. They have endless capacity to play, which is why they make the best playmate for kids. And just like kids, they tend to sulk when they don’t get their way. In that respect, they are just like little children (which for all dog-lovers, I think they already are, no matter how “adult” they try to be).
One very conspicuous trait about Capricorn pets is that they are ‘family’ canines. They feel most at ease when they have a lively family around them. The dogs that you see most often in paintings and cartoons and books where the dog is contentedly sitting by the sofa by the family, is most likely to be a Capricorn!
(Jan 20- Feb 18)
These are gentle and loving creatures and ones who believe in “live and let live” principle. Also, they are very intelligent and blessed with a sharp mind.
One thing that the parents of an Aquarian pet will have to strictly keep in mind is that they hate to be ordered around. They also tend to be a little stubborn and can be slightly difficult to handle when they decide not to obey orders. They are also slightly averse to too much physical display of affection. But these Aquarian dogs are the only ones who give you the pleasure of a pet with whom you can expect some kind of peer relationship. They like to treated as an adult and give their best when treated as such.
(Feb 19- Mar 20)
If you feel that your pet is most amiable, peace loving and gentle, then it’s most definitely a Piscean. They are ideal pets as they have a very strong intuition and are very likely to be sensitive to you moods and habits.
They also don’t crave too much of open space and are ideal pets for small houses aka apartments. They have the ability to make the best of everything, even the limited space available to them.
But having said that, all that these four-legged darlings crave for is your love and undivided attention. As long as they get regular supply of TLC (tender loving care), the only characteristic they display is – unconditional love, love and more love. So, Just keep loving…Woof!

– by Amrita Sharma