Jingle All The Way!


As we celebrate our precious paws this festive season, let’s renew our love & commitment to keep them safe and happy. Let go of the past, be mindful in the present and embrace the future with doing right. Love is about communication done right. As we are ready to embark the New Year 2023 with renewed hopes, let there be love & light. Our fur family brings sparkles to our lives, so do read our special Christmas stories in this issue—Christmas Ghosts Tales with a Twist and Celebrate the Season of Jingles with Your Furry Friend. Nutrition is the key, so you need to take care of what you feed while you are celebrating. Love, celebrate and pawsitively enjoy!

In this festive season, as responsible and caring pet parents, let’s spend quality time with our furry family members, treating them as inseparable part of family and searching for more premium products for them. As per the ‘Voice of the Consumer: Lifestyle Survey,’ conducted by Euromonitor International, 71 percent of pet parents around the world consider their pets as family members and their number is strongly increasing in the developing markets.
Treating their pets similarly to children, pet parents these days are opting for treats which are made close to human food grade, encouraging pet food companies to launch treats in new formats of popular sweets and savory snacks. So, German pet company Trixie extended its variety of pet treats in the form of lollipops, pretzels, cookies, waffles and doughnuts. Search for some special treats to savor your pet on the Christmas Eve and New Year 2023 bash.

Demand for functional and natural ingredients is also expanding from packaged pet food to pet care. A shift from general wellbeing to specific functionality drives ingredients that address digestive, joint, heart, dental, and skin health, as well as overall mental wellbeing of your pet. In this respect, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has developed a specific kibble formula and processing method to improve dental health of pets, while Nestlé continues to expand with its fortified croquettes that support digestive health.

Yet another trend in the market is that a host of luxury fashion brands are entering the pet care domain, with the launch of an array of pet toys and accessories. Italian online pet shop Luxpets introduced exclusive pet accessories from the most coveted brands in addition to personalised services for four-legged furry customers. Now is the right festive time for us to pamper our pets with the best Christmas and New Year gifts—be it a special treat or a winter wear.

It’s time to Jingle All The Way with our furry buddies! So, please join us on our Facebook and Instagram pages…Celebrate Paws…Celebrate Love…Celebrate Christmas…Celebrate New Year 2023!