Oh Boy! Why you annoy?

He might not be having a good day or she might be grumpy, and then if you annoy them don’t expect a wagging tail in return. Read about these human things that you might be doing to annoy your pet!


You love them in your own unique way, but be careful to not smother them. There are some canine rules that we shouldn’t breech! Read on to know the things that your pet might get annoyed of.

Hassle of hugging

You and your pet cuddled up – sounds perfect right? But as lovely as it sounds and looks in pictures, dogs despise hugging. When you place your arms around a dog’s neck, he considers it as a threat. Instead you can pat them on the back and of course belly rubs are always a win-win!

You should understand your pet’s body language and respect his boundaries. If he leans away, is averting his eyes, or has an apprehensive look, then you know he isn’t comfortable and you shouldn’t force hugging.

Don’t stop them from sniffing

Dogs and their unconditional love for walks! When you take your pooch for a walk, allow him to wander and sniff around. Just like you browse on Netflix, sniffing is his way of exploring so don’t devoid them of this fun.

Stop that yelling

Your yelling is interpreted as angry barking. It may startle your pet and doesn’t shut bad behaviors. If you’re angry, instead of shouting on your pet use a more assertive tone of voice. They are wise enough to understand your tone and it’ll work in a better way in making your pet understand your point.

Teasing can be traumatising

This is especially true when kids do it! You should teach children to be gentle with dogs. When kids tease street dogs or pets, they bark in defense making them look angrier and ferocious. It is time to lay off teasing and replace it with lots of love and affection.

Rooting for routines

Dogs love to have routine in their life. A proper routine for eating, walks, and play time. Training is an integral part of your pet’s life. Dogs have an internal clock and when you follow a particular routine or rule, the clock and the dog become happy. It makes their world predictable and even boosts their confidence.

Don’t play dress up

I know you like buying new clothes or accessories for your pets. But secretly they hate it! They would tolerate it for you, but internally they are screaming. So why do something that’ll annoy your furry friend? Simple items like a t-shirt, shoes for protecting they paws (if injured or in other dire situations), and a coat in winters are fine. But when you go all out and dress them for fancy dress, that’s not what they like!

Too much alone time – a big ‘No’

Kritika Manchanda

Most dogs are social beings and love spending time with their human family. They might need a little time off, but too much alone time is not a good option. When left alone in the yard or balcony, dogs tend to develop separation anxiety, behavioral and psychological issues like – trying to escape, excessive barking etc.

They are very much a part of your family so give the time and attention they deserve. A simple walk in the park, playing fetch, spending time grooming, or just sitting around petting him – do all that it takes to make your furry companions happy for responsible pet parenting.

Get, set, snooze!

Dogs love to sleep, especially puppies and older dogs. Try and make your pet’s sleeping spot comfortable with soft beddings. Also make sure not to interrupt their sleep with sudden loud noises. It can startle the little ones. Whenever you wake up your pet, do it slowly and gently.

Furries & fragrances – not a fruitful match

Dogs don’t like fragrances and they are a lot more sensitive to smell than you! So before you spray on that aftershave or slather yourself in a heavily scented body lotion, take into consideration your pet. You should also be careful to not use excessively scented bath and grooming products for your pet. It might trigger an allergic reaction!

Let go of aggressive greetings

The way you greet might feel attacking to certain dogs. This is especially true when you are meeting a new pet. Some of them are extra sensitive or might not be in the mood for socialising. Respect that. Be gentle always. Ask the pet parent – can I meet and play with your pet? Don’t stare into your pet’s eyes. They consider it as a threat. Dogs also dislike when you get up close into their face.

Avoid these little things and you’ll not put your pooch in a bad mood!

–by Kritika Manchanda