Hail to the pet stores

In the season of celebration, we help you pick up choicest of gifts from your neighbourhood pet-stores from various cities across India!


Indie stores are curated with passion. Before the era of online shopping were the days when you used to walk into a pet store with your furry friend and the store owner would know what you needed! The customized and personalized experience of pet stores is indeed their USP.

Love from Goa!

Sahil Kenkare, owner of Bark Avenue Pet Store in Panjim (Goa) shares his story on how he started a pet store in 2014 that is now winning hearts of pets and pet parents alike. It was his passion for animals and to ensure pet parents get quality products under one roof that inspired him to start. According to him, customer buying behaviour has evolved over the years. Awareness has increased and they are aware of different brands and don’t hesitate to spend on quality products for their furry family. “Our USP is to provide quality and exclusive products. Our attitude is very customer friendly and we aim to satisfy our customer needs with a smile. Challenges are part of the journey. One of the biggest challenges is to understand which products are resonating with pet parents,” adds Sahil Kenkare.

Pawsome Pilibhit

Piyush of Piyush Pet Shop in Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh) says that it has been over two decades that he has been in this business. “Our furry friends should get the best, I believe pets should be given food based on their breed, age, and size, we guide people on what to buy. We sell food, accessories, toys etc and currently have noticed that consumers always compare prices online so we have to provide the best” he shares.

Paw Story from the pink city of Jaipur

Dakshana tells us how she started Paw Story, a pet store in Jaipur. To me pets are a part of family and deserve the best. It was Alice and Ceaser (my pets) that sparked that little something in me. For their 1st birthday I was searching for good pet products in Jaipur and found nothing attractive. Pet stores in Jaipur offered some basic accessories and toys. That’s when I thought of starting my own pet store almost 4 years ago. My motive behind this store is to provide innovative and luxurious products and services that bring joy and happiness to pets and their families.

It’s no secret that people love shopping for their pets. Pet parents have now started taking interest in their pet’s health, food and proper management than ever before especially in urban areas. I think customers are more aware these days about their choices and preferences and are ready to spend more money on pet care products. They are willing to maintain their pet’s lifestyle as well. We have a wide range of luxurious and innovative pet products like – fashionable dresses for pets, imported pet foods, toys and treats, pet skin care items and a lot more. We also have a salon and pet hostel service available.
I believe that it’s important to create awareness among pet parents about what is good for their pets and what’s not. I want to educate people to empathize with animals.

All the way from Ambala

Vijay Kumar is a pet store owner from Ambala and has been in the business for more than a decade. He shares some insights. “Consumers today are well aware of products which are good for their pets and have their choices sorted. In a small town, we know customer relations matter a lot. That’s why I interact with customers as much as possible to build relations and also try to provide immediate supply,” said Vijay. He also told us that one of the biggest challenges that pet stores are facing is the constant price war between online and offline distribution.