Fluffy–who’s loved by all

This is the story of fluffy, an Indie who is teaching us that to win hearts all you need is a good heart! Read her journey from the streets to a home and finally becoming an internet sensation.


–by Mehak Gupta

Fluffy is an indie rescued dog. She is 3 years old and a dog model. She is naughty, intelligent and friendly in nature. She is very smart and understands 3 human languages (Hindi, English and Dogri).

Fluffy’s journey starts from the streets as a stray dog. One day I found her outside my house and it was love at first sight! I decided to adopt her. When I brought her home,I saw she had multiple wounds and a fracture in her leg. We got her treated and the little fighter got better thanks to our love and the vet’s care and treatment.

Sensational Social Media Star

After one year of adoption,I decided to make an Instagram account for
Fluffy @fluffy_the_indie but I was totally unaware about the huge pet community on social media. The love we got was immense, overwhelming, and totally unexpected. After our success on Instagram, I thought we should explore another platform as well. So, I started a YouTube channel as “Fluffy the Indie”.

Slowly Fluffy became a social media influencer (Pupfluencer) and also got a title of “Fashion on Insta” from her followers. Today she is a brand ambassador of more than ten pet brands and has done more than a 100 collaborations with India’s leading pet brands including @pedigreeindia and @captainzack .

Fluffy loves to get dressed up by wearing new dresses and outfits and she also loves to pose for pictures and videos after wearing her dresses.Some brands from where I used to buy her dresses are @thechowmeow and @petclothingchichimicky.

My aim was to show everyone that our Indies (Indian native dogs aka stray dogs) are not less than any purebred dogs. They are equally cute and intelligent and will give you infinite love and affection.
All you need is to open your heart, adopt, and give them a home!