Life from the eyes of four-paws!

A dog’s perspective on their pet parent is a topic that has been the subject of much speculation and discussion among pet parents and animal behaviourists. While it is impossible to know exactly what a dog is thinking, there are some behaviours and body language cues that can provide insight into how a dog feels about us. Here, Rocky shares what he feels about his human family….

–by Varsha Verma


Hi. I am Rocky, born to a Pomeranian mom and a Cocker Spaniel dad. When I was born, I was all brown and my siblings were black and brown. Since the family I was born into could not take care of so many dogs, me and my siblings were given for adoption. Two of my siblings soon found a home but I was too naughty and so had to wait. I soon became a favourite of the entire family but I still had to go for adoption.

I was adopted…

Two months later, a family came to pick me up. I realized that they had seen my videos and had liked my naughtiness. There was a man, a woman and a teenage boy. I fell in love with the boy. The man or my new dad was very happy to see me but my mom seemed scared. I tried to go near her but she shrieked and I got scared too! After an hour or so, I was carried in arms to a car, from where I started my new journey as Rocky and this was my family.

I found my place… in their hearts

The initial few days were full of anxiety, love and activity. When my dad went to office and bro to his school, I was left alone with mom and that was the time, I tried to woo her attention. I went near her, touched her foot with my tiny paw and waited for her reaction. She smiled…my tail started wagging and I looked at her with anticipation. That day I knew I had made a place for myself in her heart. Every day, we spent a lot of time together…I following her wherever she went, wagging my tiny tail behind.

Growing up was fun!

Soon, my teeth started itching and I started loving to bite. Mom’s slippers, dad’s shoes, bro’s socks, furniture legs – everything gave me pleasure. But the aftermath was also unforgettable. I was shown the things I chewed and scolded for my acts. I listened with my head down, thinking I will not do it again. But bingo…it was too much fun…I just couldn’t stop, even though I had my chew toys too! Luckily, the chewing stopped after some time. I was growing up!

I am a part of the family…

Soon, I became a part of the family…I was there at all festivals, birthday celebrations and even going out to relatives place. But, I am scared if they leave me alone…I get anxious if they do not return home soon. My family is most important. I rely on them for food, water, shelter, and affection, but I don’t want to eat if they are not around. I love them. When they are back, they often scold me for not eating in their absence. But, then I love how they pamper me with treats and my favourite food.

I wag my tail, try to lick them, jump up to greet them – just to show how much I love them and how happy I am to see them come back. I particularly show my affection to my human mom by following her from room to room, leaning against her, or asking her to pat and stroke me.

I understand what they feel or say…

Since I cannot fully understand their language, I take verbal cues from my parents. I can recognize and respond to their voice, tone, and commands. I can understand and respond to their verbal cues, as our bond is deep, which does not needs any language. I understand if they are sad or happy. I try communicate my love and affection in a variety of ways and I am happy that they understand what I am saying.

Vacations are fun when we are together…

Sometimes, my parents tell me that I cannot accompany them to a certain places. But, at times, they take me along for trips. Recently, I went to my nani’s house near Roorkee. They have renovated their house into a farmhouse. I was so happy to run around green grass, smell fresh air and be free.

I love the experiences they have given in my life…I will always love them to the core and wish to spend every single minute of my life with them! Amen!