Miracle paws for search and rescue


A friend in need is a friend indeed—most noteworthy, this proverb signifies the role of rescue squads of ‘Man’s Best Friends’ who led at the forefront during the search & rescue mission in the earthquake-ravaged Turkey and Syria. The furry rescuers on the mission showed us the true sense of true friends who help at a time of need. The stories of miraculous search and rescue brings hope to our heart.

In the recent horrific and ill-fated earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, canine squad rescuers from different parts of the world came to the rescue mission. From India along with National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) team were six special canine agents: Romio, Rambo, Honey, Julie, Bob and Roxy – to help with the rescue operations. Romio and Julie are both six years old and helped in recuing a young girl called Nasreen. Their handlers along with Gurminder Singh, the contingent commander mentioned that Julie detected Nasreen first and then Romio was called in who confirmed her existence under the debris-which led to the rescue. Rambo 4-year-old, Honey 7-year-old, Bob 6-year-old, Roxy 7-year-old worked tirelessly and long hours alongside the human rescuers.

It was stated by State relief agency of Turkey that there had been approximately 400 rescue and search canines. Of which 86 canines were from Turkey and rest from other countries along with their handlers and rescue teams had reached the disaster-stricken areas. Pia and Asko of the German rescue canine team helped save more than 10 people who were buried under rubble. Lucky a 3-year-old springer spaniel helped in rescue and was also joined by other sniffer dogs from China. As time lapsed and survivors were found it was a moment of joy and miracle.

Among them was Proteo a canine rescuer from Mexico who lost his life, many people tweeted in his honour- “Thank you, Proteo, we will always remember and honour you.” In memory an image made by designer Burak Turker was reposed which showed a German Shepherd- “Thank you, Proteo”- the O in the name had the symbol of the star and crescent of the Turkish Flag.

Maybe we can truly saw MIRACLES happen and happen when we have our four paws beside us! Our loyalty to them should be as profound as their loyalty to us.

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