Say goodbye to food allergies with Grain Zero

“Allergies in pets, are always expressed through skin and felt through an itch.” – Dr Adam Patterson.

It is no fun to see your beloved pooch suffer from food allergies. Find out how the new Grain Zero by Signature Pet Foods India can be a boon for your pets.

-by Mitu Paul


World over, we are experiencing humanization of pets. Pet owners now take pride in being addressed as pet parents. The emotional bond, the sense of indispensability, the love and affection and its selfless reciprocity is equal, if not more. As much as it stands true that they are more humane than most humans, they do, however bring an exception to the table. Their diet! Which in most cases is or rather should be starkly different than ours. What your pets need for their subliminal health is not human food but human “GRADE” food! A minor word play that hides in itself a totally different world. A gap that we aspire to bridge through Signature’s Grain Zero (a hypoallergenic range of dry pack food).

Grain Zero – Love, nutrition, and zero nasties

Grain Zero is grain and gluten-free. It is heart-fully curated to engage all five senses of your pets. Tastier and healthier Grain Zero food is holistic nutrition, as we use fresh meat premium enough for human consumption, prebiotic herbs, organic exotic vegetables and adequate antioxidants.

In Indian context, where environmental allergies contribute apart from food allergies, understanding your pet’s immune system and body requirements is crucial. So, if your pet has recurrent diarrhoea, itchy skin, rough coat, persistent ear or anal glands issues, you are probably looking at adverse food reaction (AFR).

In order to identify what is the best meal for pets with food allergies, it’s important that we understand what are these food allergies and their causes.

Simplifying allergies in pets with knowledge and awareness

Many different terms are used to describe abnormal reactions to food. The term “allergy” and “hypersensitivity” describe an immunologic reaction to food allergens which then present themselves in form of rashes, hot spots, non-seasonal itch, vomiting, diarrhoea, or excessive gassiness. Symptoms often begin when pets are young (before one year of age), but may develop at any given time in their life span. Dairy and wheat remain to be the major source for such dietary allergies.

Hypoallergenic diets thereby are now a substantial and safe portion of pet food in today’s world. Any hypoallergenic diet should be fed for at least a minimum of 4-6 weeks to see initial response and continued thereafter. With the added goodness of fresh fruits and veggies and corrected dosage of prebiotic herbs and antioxidants, we provide a wholesome meal for your pooches and kitties.

Goodness in every gain

Grain Zero carefully picks up fresh, cage free chicken, chicken liver, salmon oil, and eggs as protein source for the young tots of all breeds from the first month of life until the age 18 months. It is also excellent for female dogs during pregnancy and lactation. The meat used in our recipes is of premium quality and safe for human consumption, guaranteeing adequate levels of proteins with a high biological value, which in turn guarantees the correct growth of puppies.

Vital nutrients like Omega 3, 6, DHA, EPA help maintain your pet’s immune system and improve the coat providing shine and softness. A must for all long coat dogs. It also has benefits for the circulatory system preventing heart diseases. And the added fun of succulent fresh berries mixes, apples and pomegranate bubble up the quality and flavour making your pet lick the bowl clean.

We at Signature, take pride in recommending it for all pets and suggest you do so under your vet’s guidance. All the packs are completed with adequate quantities of antioxidants to prevent premature cell aging and enough glucosamine content provides optimised joint protection for your furry babies keeping them active and on their paws.

We assure a complete turnaround in your pet’s overall health, demean our, energy levels and immune system as well. Remember longevity for your furry pooch is dependent on three aspects in which diet and environmental interactions are the most major pillars. And don’t leave hygiene behind, says Mitu Paul.

(Mitu Paul, Brand Head, Signature Pet Foods India)