Steps for goodness – Take your pet to the vet for health and happiness!

Royal Canin recently launched a campaign “Take Your Pet to The Vet” to help pets live longer, happier, and healthier lives; and to create awareness among pet-parents.


Royal Canin recently launched a campaign ‘Take Your Pet to The Vet’ (TYPTTV) in Mumbai with an ultimate goal to positively impact the health of pets by improving awareness among pet parents on the importance of veterinary visits, sharing information, advice, and educational tips to help pets live long and healthy lives.

There are no doubts pets are loyal and loving, and pet parents cherish the joy and happiness they bring. However, it can be challenging to take your pet to the vet. Cats are master of disguise and dogs can handle pain in their own behavioural way, but reality should not be taken lightly. Veterinarian visits and your pets’ health and well-being depend on habits established by pet parents during their young age. Regular vet check-ups can prevent major health issues by education or identifying the problem before it becomes a serious health concern.

Emphasizing on prevention

Mr Satinder Singh, General Manager (Managing Director) at Royal Canin, India said “The TYPTTV emphasizes that prevention itself is the key to healthier and happier pets. Beyond producing precise health nutrition for cats and dogs, we believe to have a social responsibility towards pets, people, and the planet. This initiative seeks to increase awareness about preventive veterinary care while also promoting the much-deserved veterinary care and treatment for pets.”

Hail and hearty at the vet, so why shy away?

Mr Govind Suryawanshi, Director, Corporate Affairs added “In order to make the experience more relaxing for both pets and pet parents, we assist veterinary clinics in adapting to pets. This entails designating specific areas in the waiting rooms for dogs and cats, teaching all staff members how to deal with nervous pets, and providing veterinary clinics with raised cat carriers because cats feel safest in high locations.”

Through this initiative, we are not only helping veterinarians to make their clinic and pets visit more friendly but also offering pet parents a free consultation voucher to make the first move towards healthy habit of preventative care and adopting a routine veterinary visit.

Schedule for happiness – regular vet visits

Vet appointments shouldn’t just be limited to curing an illness or relieve discomfort, but a regular check-up should be performed twice a year or annually at minimum. For a pet’s health and wellbeing, preventive healthcare is crucial, as it includes prevention, early identification, and reducing the impact of a disease.

Additionally, regular visits allow veterinarians to learn important details about pet’s vaccination, medical history and behaviour, monitor body weight and growth chart and most importantly discuss Nutrition.

Know more about Royal Canin

Royal Canin is a global leader in pet health through nutrition, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated. Royal Canin has concentrated all efforts in providing the most precise nutritional answers, adapted to the specific needs of dogs and cats. Dr. Jean Cathary, founder of Royal Canin had the vision of a pet food company grounded in science; a company based on the principles of acquiring knowledge about pets, always maintaining respect for them and most importantly, creating advanced cat and dog food made to satisfy the needs of the pet. Royal Canin remains on the cutting edge of pet nutrition and have created specialized cat and dog food diets.

The most distinctive element of the Royal Canin philosophy is the total commitment to improving the lives of dogs and cats, placing them at the central point of innovation process. This unique approach guarantees the precision of diets and their precise adaptation to the needs of the pet. The mission of Royal Canin has always been to provide precise nutritional solutions for pets.

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