Zane’s – A Paw, Pet, & People Friendly Café & Spa

Zane’s is a special pet corner in itself where you and your pet can enjoy ‘spa + café’ together. As the name suggests, it’s named after Zane—an adorable Mini Apricot Poodle.

–by Ritika Jhunjhunwala


Being the newest and first-of-its-kind pet corner in Mumbai, Zane’s offers pet spa upstairs while pet parents can enjoy coffee at the café downstairs. Pet menu at the café consists of all choices of delicacies and yummy bites.

A new beginning

In the first place, I was totally away from the entire pet industry and extremely scared of dogs. When we got Zane, I actually didn’t accompany him for 2-3 days, just because I was extremely scared of him. In this, Fredun Medhora, came to the rescue and subsided my fear. It was my life changing moment. Today, I can’t live a moment without my pets. I feel so empty whenever they are not around when I am at home.

A happy place

When we took Zane to pet spas, I did not like the way they were managed hence decided to introduce a paw, pet and people friendly spa. That’s the reason and inception of Zane’s pet spa + café.

A friendly space

When we launched Zane’s pet grooming Spa & Cafe, we prioritized that it should have enough breathing space and playing area for the pets. We created large space for both pets and pet parents. In a spa space of 800 sq m upstairs we have installed 11 cameras fitted in every corner to capture the action of every grooming table. So, pet parents waiting in the café downstairs, sipping hot cups of coffee, can watch the entire grooming sessions of their pets—it’s Zane’s USP. All the guests at Zane’s don’t need to be leashed. They can roam around freely.

A pawfect package

We take care of our fur fiends with classic package which has bath, blow dry and ear cleaning. Our groomers give customized attention to each guest- dog or cat. Our groomers work with love, attention for detail and knowledge. The comfort of each pet is our primary concern, we also have medicated baths, special add-ons etc.- to keep your furry family sparkling and in complete health.

A pawfect menu

Zane’s pet menu at the café is perfect for every furry visitor. Either at the spa or café, Zane’s objective is to make sure that each pet is taken care of and fed the right food. The menu consists of a complete range, right from starter, main course, up to yummy desserts. We provide special crockery, such as drinking bowls, for each pet. This is very important to me as I wouldn’t let my child drink from someone else’s bowl.

A pan-India expansion

Each and every thing at Zane’s is curated with Zane who is the Chief Pet Officer (CPO) at the café, which opens from 7 am to 12 am in three different shifts in which pet parents can come down and enjoy our menu

while their furry kids are undergoing grooming sessions upstairs. Now at Mumbai, Zane’s will look forward to a pan-India growth.

A goodwill message

Our menu has been appreciated by pet parents and received lot of wags from our furry guests. My goodwill message—just enjoy with them, enjoy as much as you can with them because we would never be able to return the love they give us.