Indian VET Expo – Learn from the pro’s

Indian VET Expo 2023 brought forth by PAWS Learning and Research Council (PCRL), was held in the capital city of New Delhi with many renowned speakers. Professor (Dr) Nick Bexfield and

Dr. Ed Ives from the United Kingdom along with Indian guest speakers Dr. Bhanu Dev Sharma and Dr. (Prof.) Arun Anand, gave insights about the pet industry and their innovations, advancements, problems and solutions. 

–by Aneesha Prakash


Improving the quality of knowledge

Dr. R T Sharma, one of the PLRC flag bearers and host of the VET Expo, believes that conferences like these acts as a catalyst for young vets. This is because he believes the youngsters assimilate knowledge about the pet industry and its “new approaches, new ways of thinking, new investments” as well as “new machines being installed” which further aids the pet industry to grow. The VET Expo is a platform for the vets to learn and take-home improved knowledge in order to utilise the same practically in their respective clinics. He further adds that “young vets don’t have financial help to go abroad and learn from foreign experts. Thus, we (PLRC) bring learned foreign speakers who are very rare to listen and that is how we improve the quality of knowledge, diagnosis, treatment and surgery.”

Corroborating the thoughts of Dr R T Sharma, experienced vets such as Dr Nick Bexfield, Dr Ajay Sood, and Dr Sanjeev Nehru also state the cruciality of “bringing vets together to share experience and advice.” Dr Chaitanya Wali and Dr Rohit Duhani, two budding veterinarians additionally believe for the VET Expo to be helpful as they get to know more about the developments about the market and the various products being sold through the presence of companies at such conferences.

The Pet Industry – Growing with love

Ashhad Choudhary, vet manager for Drools, expresses that events like this contribute to the growth of the pet industry. This is because vets get knowledge on treatment for ailments, medicines, technology which can facilitate recovery of the animal under their care.

Additionally, Dr R T Sharma believes the pet industry is growing 300% every year and on a rampant scale. Shared Praveen Kumar Gupta, spokesperson of Panav Biotech that India will reach exponential levels of quality and service. Moreover, Dr Amit Gupta representing Virbac states that the growth of the pet industry has been observed due to adopting more pets. Substantiating the same, Dr Nick Bexfiled states that because evolution is an ongoing process pet parents want more pets, adopting them could be the new trend.

What the future looks like?

Dr Sanjeev Nehru, a practising vet as well as running his own hospital for cats and dogs for 25 years, believes there is a lot more to do in order for the pet industry to grow. With many technological advancements taking place, Dr Nehru believes there is a lack of post-operative care for animals. This is because postoperative animals are supposed to be kept and monitored in an indoor facility. However, there isn’t infrastructure to support the same. Thus, he takes the small initiative to bring in injured pets in his hospital to treat their injuries free of cost.

Moreover, MRI, echocardiography and CT-Scans for pets have increased tremendously over the past few years and will continue to rise. Strengthening this claim, Dr Ajay Sood also states that CT-Scans used to be “limited but are now happening.” Hence, “proper diagnosis and treatment is being done” which remains a pivotal factor for the growth of the pet industry. Dr R T Sharma concurrently presents his views on technological advancements and considers it to have grown immensely. This is because “ten years ago we (vets) used to refer to human labs for even the simplest of things such as X-Rays, ultrasounds, etc. However, now in-house pathology, CT scans are the new trends and in the coming years it will be available to most of the vets.”

With an aim and plan to get more universities on board, hold workshop in places like Nepal and Bhutan and the government to facilitate make in India products will drive countries like Germany, China, Korea, etc to come and buy from India. This would take the pet industry in India to the next step and continue its rising streak.