Joys of Joey – the Instagram Star you need to have on your feed!

Make your time on Instagram all the more enjoyable with Joey and his lovely antics. Meet Prashant as he tells us how Joey came into their life and taught them the meaning of true love. And also follow his journey on becoming Insta famous!

–by Prashant Kumar


Homecoming happiness

We brought Joey home in June 2021. He was a month when he came into our lives and made it brighter and beautiful. I gifted Joey to my wife as her birthday gift as she is an ardent dog lover!

One night a few days after our marriage I noticed my wife weeping all alone in the middle of the night. When I asked her about the reason, she told me how she misses her Golden retriever ‘Laila’ back at her place. I couldn’t see her crying like that. Every time she watched a dog video, she would be teary eyed. Listening to her how she misses Laila and how she took care of her like a baby I realized she really missed her and this wasn’t just a phase that would go.

Getting a dog at home was another fight I knew I had to go through. My dad wasn’t a big fan of dogs. One pet that he wouldn’t allow at home was a puppy. After a lot of struggle, debates and arguments they agreed to get a dog. My dad had a conversation with my wife and figured that getting a puppy would really make her happy. Me and my wife are lucky enough to have such amazing parents who tried to stand in my wife’s shoes and understood her feelings. Seeing my wife’s love for her dog Laila my dad immediately asked me to start looking for a puppy. Fortunately, I had a friend in college who helped me in finding Joey and our family became a family of five. After few days my dad used to text us from office and ask us for Joey photos because he used to miss him from office.

Wagging his way into our life

We love how he expresses himself and how he communicates with us in his own words. We are sometimes astounded to see the way he understands everything we are trying to tell him. One thing that my wife absolutely finds cute is everytime Joey finishes his food, he makes sure to look for us wherever we are and get pets from us for being a good boy for finishing his food. We love how he is always, and I mean ALWAYS ready for treats and going to the park even in the middle of the night.

Love – it is a two-way street always!

Oh! that is something he can only tell us. But I see his tail wagging when we take him out for car rides. When we offer him the last bite of the food we are eating, when we give him his favourite treats, when we ask him if he wants to be loved. There are times when we ask him if he wants treats and he won’t respond back in yes then we ask if he wants to be loved and massaged and he would immediately respond back. He absolutely loves lying next to me or my wife throughout the day. Only pet parents would know this unconditional love!

Joey – the Instagram Star you need to follow

We never thought Joey would become a ‘sensation’ one day. We were just saving our memories with Joey and slowly we noticed that people started loving his videos. People loved how he communicates with humans in his own way. People love him for being expressive and we can’t deny he does have a cute face.

Trying to be the flagbearer of responsible pet parenting

One advice that I’d like to give to all the pet parentsis to talk to your pet as much as they can. The more you talk, the more your pets will understand and communicate. Also, one of the most important things is to love your pet for who they are. I get so many messages from people telling me they want their puppy to be like Joey. I just want to tell them to love their puppy/dog for who they are and respect their individuality.

Every dog has its own characteristics, every dog has an unique behaviour. As a pet parent you just need to figure out what your furry friend is trying to communicate. Puppies are actually like babies, they understand emotions, they understand whatever you are saying, they understand LOVE.

Spreading joy with his funny antics

Joey has a habit of going to his grandma and complaining to her if we are not listening to his demands. It is funny how he sneakily goes away when someone uses the word ‘dawai’(medicine) in front of him, especially when he is not well. He will listen to each and everything and uses all his brains when we have treats to offer. He becomes one obedient and disciplined child at that time!

We consider ourselves really lucky to have Joey in our lives and we are extremely happy that we are able to spread happiness and bring smiles on people’s faces through his videos. Both Joey and us admire the love that people shower on us. So, keep it coming!

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