Dog.alicious – Drooling its way to the heart

This is the story of two sisters who turned their love for dogs into a full-time career. Read on to find how Sreya and Sowmya founded Dog.alicious – a pet bakery that’s all heart and happiness!
–by Sreya Killamshetty


I am architect and my sister, Sowmya Killamshetty is a CA. We both have always been dog lovers ever since we remember. Our pet, Noddy is more than just a pet for us. He is family! One always wants to provide their family with the best and that has exactly been the approach towards Noddy. We make sure to monitor his dietary habits and always try to pack as much nutrition in his food. It made us think, why shouldn’t all pets have access to nutritious, healthy, delicious treats? That’s where the story of “Dog.alicious” began.

Delightful beginning for Dog.alicious

We baked a cake for Noddy on his birthday and he seemed to really enjoy it. We then started baking for his friends and before we knew it, we were running a business. Orders were pouring in from all directions.

Sowmya and I were always keen to open a start-up and then we created “Dog.alicious” the start-up we dreamt of. Today, we are proud owners to a unique business. Dog.alicious is not just a dream, it’s an ambition.

Our specialty – whipping up love and happiness

Dog.alicious is a Hyderabad based bakery and we tend to deliver fresh home- baked, healthy, nutritious cakes and treats for all the furry friends. Our ideology lies in giving the fur-babies a delicious and happy meal at a friendly budget. We supply the range of cakes and fun treats that bring in happy faces and wagging tails.

Additionally, to also add some extra joy to the wet noses we provide hand painted cake toppings and portraits, stunning party crowns to add shimmer to the pup’s birthday celebrations.

We ensure to abide by our principles with perfection –

  • Healthy- We use fresh vegetables/ fruits, home-baked with no preservatives nor any food colour.
  • Safety- We only use dog friendly ingredients which are vet approved and we bake them in a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Delicious- We assure a creamy and smooth texture for all the cakes which are hand made with love and make sure they are all ‘paw-licking’ good.

With our wide range of cakes, cupcakes, treats, dog art, accessories we promise to make our cute little fellas have an un-fur-gettable memory with Dog.alicious.

Harnessing the power of social media

We have our own Instagram handle for Dog.alicious. One can easily look us up on Instagram and drop in their order through DM. Orders can be placed via Instagram and WhatsApp directly.

Learning from out challenges

We had our own ups and downs. Our first thought was, would this even work out? We started sending out hampers to all the pet lovers across Hyderabad and we received immense love and responses. We had to think out of the box in order to keep up with the pace. We bought in some unique ideas about customizing our cakes, hampers, and other treats. Right now, we are still learning and keeping up with the market. Every day is a new challenge, but we face it with a smile on our face and learn from our mistakes.

Pet bakeries – revolutionizing the industry

Why should humans have all the fun? When we love our fur buddies, we would want to offer them the best in every possible way. And pet bakeries can be one way of keeping our dogs and pups happy.