To nurture our world

Know about Zoetis – world’s leading animal health company, driven to nurture by advancing care for animals. Arkhom Cheewakriengkrai – Vice President, Southeast Asia and South Asia at Zoetis Inc. talks about the brand and how it is growing and helping pet parents.
–by Arkhom Cheewakriengkrai


Worldwide Market Leader

Zoetis is a Fortune 500 company and the world leader in animal health, with over 12,000 colleagues around the world and more than $7 billion in annual revenue in 2021. Leader in key markets globally, including #1 position in North America, Latin America and Asia.

After more than seven decades of innovating ways to predict, prevent, detect, and treat animal illness, we continue to stand by those raising and caring for animals worldwide – from livestock farmers to veterinarians and pet parents. The company’s leading portfolio and pipeline of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and technologies make a difference across the continuum of care in over 100 countries.

Zoetis plays a role in shaping the focus and future of animal health across continuum of care – driving the transition from sick care to preventive healthcare, increasing access to medicine and care of animals, supporting individualized animal therapy in livestock and vets, and empowering pet parents.

Diverse, durable, and innovative portfolio

The brand has a broad portfolio with approximately 300 product lines across 7 therapeutic areas and 8 species. Leading brands including 14 blockbuster products in 2021. (A blockbuster in animal health generates more than $100 million dollars in annual revenue). Diversified revenue streams with top 10 products accounting for approximately 47% of total revenue. Other highlights are – durable portfolio with average market life of top products being approx. 30 years; continuous innovation flow with 1000 new products and lifecycle innovations introduced in the last 5 years (2016-2021).

Our new launches

Zoetis now unveils monthly chewable tablet to protect pets from ticks, fleas, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworm disease. It is also demonstrated safe for puppies as young as 8 weeks old weighing 1.5 kg or more.

The chewable

It is a next-generation parasiticide product and solution for veterinarians, allowing them to offer the best prevention and treatment options for pets. It is the first and only monthly chewable to provide all-in-one protection against heartworm disease, ticks and fleas, roundworms and hookworms. And it is introduced for dogs eight weeks of age.

Pet parents can simply consult with their veterinarian for their canines’ assessment and prescription for it today because the best care for our loved family members and fur companions would be our primary objectives.


The VETSCAN® portfolio includes VS2, a state of art chemistry analyzer, HM5, a fully-automated, five-part differential hematology analyzer along with Regent Rotors, smart invitro quantitative indicators of overall health, and Fuse that seamlessly integrates with practice management software for enhanced connection. As a result, this advanced diagnostic tool provides more effective and better patient care as well as more accurate diagnoses to veterinarians, allowing them to treat the illnesses of furry companions more effectively.

Paws on the path of R&D

With more than $500 million in R&D spending in 2021 – our largest ever annual investment for R&D –we continue progressing research to address allergies, livestock health, chronic pain and inflammation, chronic kidney disease and diagnostics through our vaccines, therapeutics and digital technology portfolios.

Zoetis acquired Basepaws, a privately held pet care genetics company offering pet parents with genetic tests, analytics and early health risk assessments to help pet owners and veterinarians understand an individual pet’s risk for disease in June 2022.

Famous Five –our purpose to nurture

Committed and focused on five priorities grounded in Our Purpose – to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals, adds Arkhom Cheewakriengkrai.

  1. Drive innovate growth – deliver innovative products across the Continuum of Care
  2. Enhance the customer experience – provide personalized and integrated solutions that differentiate.
  3. Lead in digital and data analytics – develop new digital and data analytics solutions for customers
  4. Cultivate a high-performing organization – drive operational excellence and agility.
  5. Champion a healthier and more sustainable future – promote a safe and sustainable global food supply and environment.