Animal communicators – Helping you learn your pet’s love language

Meet Gunjan Nautiyall, a Mumbai based animal communicator and know how you can understand your pet better with the help of an animal communicator.

-by Gunjan Nautiyall


Animal communication is a silent, telepathic language involving deepened intuition.Gunjan shares some interesting stories and learnings from her professional journey to help you understands this better.

A spark is all you need

Since childhood, I always felt an endearment towards animals and felt that I could connect with them. Basically,I have always felt a strong connection with nature.I wanted to be a veterinary doctor but pursued engineering and became a food technologist instead.But eventually this realisation dawned upon me that I was not meant for a 9 to 5 job.Hence, I quit my job and chose to embark on a new journey in my life.

Taking the plunge is never easy, but keep faith!

I owe this wonderful journey to the meditation sessions which I took in 2015 with Art of Living. It was further followed by researching about Reiki Healing.

In my initial days,communication with animals turned out to be a one-way road.

A special thanks to my pet Alice who was truly godsent. Being a very spiritual pet,she helped me to connect with the people who were into this profession I further enhanced my knowledge with eminent personalities of this field.

I have been practicing animal communication since 2019 thanks to some inborn intuitive abilities that enabled me to connect with the animals easily. God has been very kind as today I have clients coming to me not just from India but all over the world.

Extending a helping hand to pets and pet parents through my experience

I try to connect with the pet with the help of a picture and an object associated with it. During communication we receive information via the five senses – images, sounds, smells, taste and touch. We end up getting visuals or sometimes hear the animals too.

Furry friend – guardian angel

I communicated with a pet dog who helped his pet parent by breaking free of her dysfunctional marriage.

The miracle of Human Telepathy

An Alzheimer’s patient had gone missing as he lost his way to home and was nowhere to be found.Thanks to telepathy that I ended up not just connecting with him but also helping him come back to his family.

Positivity and joy

Every human being is born with this quality.It is difficult for humans to accept that animals know everything about us. The human ego believes that we are an evolved species. That is not true. Animals are very evolved and have a higher sense of perception and understanding. Animal communication is nothing but a process that helps you unite with nature.Though I acquired this ability early on, my interaction with them has helped in various ways.More than ever before, people needs to start becoming aware of their surroundings and help fellow beings and fill their lives with positivity and joy.