Fine felines– How celebrity cats are ruling the pet world!

Are the best types of cats the expensive ones? As the popularity of celebrity cats increase, this is a question that needs to be addressed.


Switfties slaying with their
love for felines

Aneesha Prakash
Aneesha Prakash

Over the past few weeks, Taylor Swift’s Scottish fold cat, Olivia Benson has snatched the spotlight in the domain of cats and kittens claiming the 3rd rank in the list of the richest pets in the world. Olivia Benson’s net worth amounts to a whopping $97 million or Rs 800 crore. You must be wondering how this furry feline ascended the ladder of wealth, popularity, and success. Well, this elite feline has quite literally “earned” her fortune. In the realm earning a name through influencing on Instagram, Olivia has taken the “Hollywood” route of success by being brilliantly starred beside her owner in numerous music videos. Moreover, she has been featured in high-end advertisements for eminent brands such as Ned Sneakers and Diet Coke. If that wasn’t Hollywood enough for you, Olivia has also crafted her own line of merchandise, charming millions of cat lovers further increasing her following.

Rich, famous, and Instaworthy

Olivia Benson is just one of the examples of the many celebrity cats the many celebrities have. The world’s richest cat, the Nala Cat, is a Siamese and Tabby-mix feline owned by Shannon Ellis and Pookie Methachittiphan worth $100 million. With a line of deluxe cat food under her name, the Nala Cat also possesses 4.4 million followers on Instagram which was published in the Guinness World Records in 2019.

Domestic or Hybrid- the
debate continues

The aforementioned mix was all domestic but according to All About Cats–– an expert reviewed and thoroughly researched guide, if one were to breed a wild cat with a domestic one, it would produce the best yet most expensive cat in the world. The list is topped by the Savannah cat, a cross between a domestic and a Serval cat–– typically characterised with large ears, long legs and an animal with spots likened to those of a cheetah, native to Africa. Justin Bieber’s ‘Sushi’ and ‘Tuna’ are two of the most liked Savannah cats on Instagram today as he and his wife, Hailey Bieber, continue to share pictures of their ‘babies.’ Father of the two cats, Bieber spent an exorbitant amount of $35,000 or Rs 29 lakhs on them.

Choupette- The fashionable feline

Our feline friends did not only make a prevalent pit-stop in the world of singing but also fashion. The most renowned cat in fashion is Choupette – the Birman cat owned by none other than the late couturier Karl Lagerfeld. Costing anywhere from $700-$1500, Lagerfeld’s feline amigo is worth $13 million or Rs 1.3 crore today. While Lagerfeld made his cat a part heir to his enormous inheritance when he passed in 2019, the Birman kitty has hauled in $4.5 million from endorsements and modelling contracts alone. Choupette, further swiped the slate of $2.7 million clean in 2015 when she worked jointly alongside Shu Uemura and posed for a Vauxhall Corsa car calendar.

#Adopt #Dontshop

While Bieber’s cat was the only one who was bought and not adopted or gifted such as Olivia Benson, the Nala Cat, and Choupette the Birman cat respectively, it becomes pivotal to ask –– are the best types of cats the expensive ones? The answer is no.

This is because cats are said to be the most purrfect, loving animals with an impish sense of humour, and when you adopt from a shelter you solve a part of animal overpopulation crisis. The adoption fees of cats and kittens from an animal shelter will sustain the shelters that aid and abet the sick, spay and neuter as well as make provisions for vaccinations and veterinary care.

It is time to amalgamate yourself in the all-embracing community of cat and kittens’ adopters who perceive the value of life and love of an animal shelter.