Agility Equipments


Where joy runs deeper

For dog agility, selection of equipments ups fun for you and your dog. You will love to see your dog climbing, balancing, crawling, jumping and running. Here’s a brief about agility equipments to smoothen your search and ensure a perfect selection.

Jumps: This is the most basic equipment in agility course containing poles. The dog is supposed to jump over the middle bar without touching it or knocking it down. There are different types of jumps, including:

  • Single jump, with a single bar in the middle.
  • Double jump, with 2 bars arranged in ascending or descending manner.
  • Wing jump, with attached wings on both sides.

Tunnels: It’s made up of plastic or cloth and also may be a collapsible or a pipe tunnel. The dog is allowed to go through the tunnel from one side and come out from the other.

Tire: A tire shape is placed inside a square frame. The dog is supposed to jump through the tire without touching it.

Weave poles: It’s a set of poles (5-12) put up on the ground. The dog is directed to weave through the poles without missing any pole from start to end.

Contact obstacles: A-frame, see-saw, dog walk and table are known as contact obstacles. The dog is supposed to cross them and touch ground without losing contact with the obstacle.

  • A-frame: It’s a plank placed in the shape of ‘A’ on the ground. Dog is supposed to walk upon it from one side and come down from other without jumping from it in middle.
  • See-saw: It’s a plank placed in the form of see-saw with a strong base under it. He is to walk over it from one side to other without jumping off.
  • Dog walk: It’s a walk made with wooden/metal planks and kept at a certain height and dog is allowed to cross it from one side to other side.
  • Table: A table is set as per your dog’s height. He is supposed to sit/lie down and stay in that position on the table when asked during the agility course.

(Pooja Sathe is trained under Northern Centre for Canine Behaviour and Training, UK.)