Constantly for you- 19 and more…..


Constantly has been one of my favourite words, it also came from Cliff Richard’s song “Constantly”- I would happily as a child sing along when my mom used to play this song. While in my MBA- I got a more practical preview of the word,“The only thing constant is change”, was my first day first class lesson. And as we turn 19 – I can only celebrate truly all the precious paws who have been a part of my life. One thing which is constant is, even if they are not with me-now, is their precious love and memories furever etched in my heart. Come hail or come storm your precious paws will always be by your side-and you can be assured on his or her friendship that it will never change- that’s what friends are for. A lesson which we must definitely learn and live by!

The love bug bit me as a little girl when I shared my life with a beautiful black Labrador called Beauty, I and my sister were Beauty’s siblings always vying for my mom’s love and affection. Fast forward a few years we had this grizzly bear of a Pomeranian- the famous white fluffy dog- who was all cuddles and bites too. Terrorizing our friend when they came home. Also, all our Indie precious paws around our home.

And a few years later- the inspiration behind Dogs & Pups and Cats & Kittens was Sparkle-the office going dog as my dad used to call him. With Sparkle my role had changed- I had become his mom, we did a lot of things together- walk, talk, worry- ps- me telling him my worries, run, play, stubborn fights etc. And then came Suhaan- that is when I saw Sparkle’s role changing to a big brother- taking care of Suhaan. In Suhaan’s play-school his teachers used to complement me- that I have taught him (suhaan) to be compassionate, would tell his teachers that all the sharing and caring came from our beautiful Sparkle, as Suhaan used to love eating and feeding Sparkle boiled chicken- hence the sharing and caring. And together the three of us used to fly away to a distant destination in an airline called, ‘ Love, Kisses and Cuddles”, which was our greeting and getaway to love every morning…..

So as we embark on an another year of love – keep the flame of love burning constantly and join us on our Facebook and Instagram pages to celebrate our Precious Paws- today and every day!