Fostering love for our furry friends


Meet Yamini – the brain behind Zigly and Petsfamilia. She talks about her love for pets and how she aims to take responsible pet parenting to new heights with love.

From Puppies to Life Teachers: Valuable Lessons Learned Growing Up with Pets

Pets have been an integral part of my life since childhood, bringing immense joy and companionship. I vividly remember my first pet, a delightful Shetland pony named Lucky. Growing up with Lucky was an incredible experience as we explored the outdoors together, formed a special bond, and created cherished memories. In addition to Lucky, I was fortunate to have two dogs named Pemma and Dorji. These wonderful babies were actually gifted to my family by the king of Bhutan, making them even more special and cherished.

Over the years, my love for animals has led me to share my life with approximately ten pets. Each pet has unique qualities and I had amazing experiences, enriching my life in countless ways. From horses and dogs to other beloved companions, the diverse array of pets I’ve had has taught me valuable lessons in responsibility, compassion, and the deep bonds we form with our animal friends.

Zuzu – Always showering us with endless love

While I wholeheartedly love all my pets, there has been one particular baby who holds a special place in my heart—Zuzu. Zuzu came into my life right after my marriage, making him an integral part of my journey as a newlywed. He was like our first child, and his presence filled our home with warmth and love. Unfortunately, we recently bid farewell to Zuzu, which was an incredibly difficult experience. His sweet soul and unwavering affection continue to inspire me, and his memory lives on in our pet care business.

Tails of adventure – my beloved furry friends

When someone asks me – any special incident or antic that you remember of your pets. I always say there are countless delightful and amusing moments come to mind when reflecting on the antics of my beloved pets. The most recent is when Emoji and Zoom chew up everything including my shoes, my hair clips or anything that they can get. Despite their naughtiness, their loving nature overshadows their mischievous acts. Training them, spoiling them with treats, and watching them grow into their individual personalities brings endless joy into my life.

I spend quality time with my pets by training them, playing with them in the lawn, and spoiling them with treats. They are my companions, and I enjoy their company immensely.

Creating cherished memories for a lifetime


Currently, my life is graced by four adorable and lively companions. Google, the charismatic diva of the group, is a six-year-old Shih Tzu. He loves his toys and enjoys sitting on his pile of chew toys. Zigly, also a Shih Tzu, is a gentle soul who is one and a half years old. Emoji and Zoom, both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, are the youngest members at seven months old. These mischievous little puppies have a knack for chewing everything in sight, keeping us on our toes. With their playful antics and loving nature, they have stolen our hearts.

Love is always a two-way road

What I love most about my pets is their unconditional love, loyalty, and the ability to brighten even the darkest of days. Their presence brings comfort and joy, reminding me of the beauty of simple pleasures and the importance of living in the present moment. Moreover, their unique personalities and quirks make them truly special and irreplaceable in my heart.

As a pet parent, I believe my furry companions appreciate several aspects of our relationship. Firstly, I serve as their caregiver, providing them with the love, attention, and care they need to thrive. They rely on me for their basic needs, such as food and health, and they recognize the nurturing environment I create for them. Additionally, my pets find comfort in the fact that I am their safe space—a constant presence in their lives. They know they can always find solace, security, and endless affection in my presence, forming an unbreakable bond that transcends words.

Taking your pets on vacation is something that every pet parent dreams of. I would also love to travel with my pets, but unfortunately, most of my recent travels have been abroad, and they were short trips. So, I haven’t been able to take them with me on vacations. However, I do ensure they are well taken care of in my absence.

Integrating diet and lifestyle for optimal wellbeing

I consider the physical well-being of my pets to be of utmost importance. Exercise plays a crucial role in keeping them fit, healthy, and mentally stimulated. Therefore, they are engaged in activities for half an hour each morning and evening. Whether it’s going for a brisk walk, engaging in playtime, or providing them with stimulating toys, I ensure they receive ample opportunities to exert their energy and maintain optimal fitness levels. In addition, I also understand that nutrition is a key aspect of their well-being. I carefully plan their diet to include a balanced mix of nutritious ingredients, catering to their individual needs and preferences.

My furry friends are foodies in true sense

Just like humans, our pets have their own preferences when it comes to food. Over the years, I have discovered their favorite dishes through trial and error. For their homemade meals, I prepare a mix of sole fish, chicken, and vegetables. During summers, they relish a serving of curd alongside their regular food, providing a cooling treat. Additionally, I incorporate high-quality kibbles accompanied by chicken broth to ensure a balanced diet. Furthermore, in the evening, they enjoy a refreshing fruit treat without seeds. Chicken and chicken broth are absolute favourites, as are the sweet indulgence of mangoes during the summer season.

One particular treat that never fails to delight my babies are biscuits. Watching their excitement and wagging tails when they receive their favourite biscuits is a heartwarming sight.

Responsible pet parenting – a lifetime commitment

Responsible pet parenting is a commitment that involves providing love, care, and attention to our furry friends. Being well-informed, Regular veterinary care, proper nutrition, exercise and mental stimulation, grooming, training and socialization and above all unconditional love and attention.

Remember, responsible pet ownership goes beyond meeting their basic needs. It involves building a loving and mutually fulfilling relationship with your pet, providing them with a happy and enriched life.

Petsfamilia and Zigly for happy pets

Petsfamilia and Zigly hold a significant place in my heart, as they align with my passion for promoting responsible pet parenting and ensuring the happiness and well-being of pets. Let me share a bit about each.

Petsfamilia is a vibrant community of pet parents, where experienced pet owners and experts come together to support and guide first-time pet parents. This incredible platform serves as a hub for knowledge sharing, offering valuable insights, tips, and advice on various aspects of pet care. With over three lakh community members, Petsfamilia has become a trusted space for pet enthusiasts to connect, learn, and contribute to the betterment of pet welfare.Petsfamilia Foundation, an extension of the community, focuses on creating awareness about responsible pet parenting. Through initiatives such as internship programs and pledge campaigns, the foundation aims to educate individuals about the importance of providing proper care, love, and attention to their pets. Additionally, it strives to find loving homes for animals in distress, embodying the spirit of compassion and kindness.

Zigly, on the other hand, is a leading omnichannel pet care platform that offers a wide range of high-quality pet care products and services. Zigly aims to ensure that pet families can access all their pet care needs under one roof. We are committed to providing excellent products & services, promoting responsible pet parenting, and creating a delightful and affordable pet care experience for our customers. The brand has expanded and established multiple stores and experience centres in major cities of India, demonstrating their dedication to creating accessible and professional pet care services.