Together India’s Pet Wellness will soar


We have come a long way and indeed there is a long way to go, in the recent years there has been a great transformation in services provided for wellness and wellbeing of our Precious Paws. Veterinary care, Products, Grooming- today’s pets and pet parents have a spectrum of services to choose from. Marked with innovation and technological advancement this growth is happening in each and every sector and segment. In our article, Get Ready for the Veterinary Event of the Year: FASAVA Congress 2023 in Mumbai! – one can get an insight as to how Veterinary Care is growing in different cities of India and the areas where change and improvements are needed. Knowledge leads to holistic care and with our Professionals, India is sure to soar in Pet Wellness.

As Drools Pet Food Pvt. Limited is the main sponsor at the 11th FASAVA Congress being held in Mumbai, it’s C.E.O, Dr Shashank Sinha shares, “In the heart of our mission at Drools, lies a deep-rooted respect and belief in the success of veterinarians. Their unparalleled expertise, garnered through rigorous training and dedication, ensures that they’re not just medical professionals but are true custodians of pet well-being. Their holistic approach, which extends beyond mere medical care to encompass behavioural guidance, nutritional advice, and preventive care, makes them indispensable in the journey of pet health. Further more, the bond of trust and credibility they’ve cultivated with pet parents over the years is unmatched. We firmly believe that when pet parents turn to vets, they’re seeking more than just medical expertise; they’re seeking assurance, guidance, and a genuine interest in the well-being of their cherished companions.

At Drools, we take immense pride in aligning with such a noble and pivotal profession. We believe that by supporting and collaborating with veterinarians, we’re taking a step further in our own commitment to enrich the lives of pets. As pets increasingly become integral members of families, the role of veterinarians becomes even more central to their happiness and health. Our shared mission, driven by care, knowledge, and trust, ensures that together, we make the world a better place for our furry friends” emphasised Dr. Shashank.

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