Love is never perfect!

In a world where we value perfection, with pretty photos and perfect clothing, have we lost the ability to see the strength and beauty in imperfection? That’s what I though when thinking about Butter – the 3-legged dog waiting to be adopted.


“Who would adopt a 3-legged dog,” I was told when looking for a good home for Butter, whose hind limb had to be amputated after he was found horribly injured in a garbage dump. I would, if I didn’t already have an indie dog and a one-eyed cat that I rescued. I find great joy in seeing the remarkable feats achieved by these one-eyed cats and three-legged dogs. Butter can run faster than a human and jump and play like any other four-legged dog. He’s cute and full of life. Why on earth would you not want to get him? He can walk fine and love you just as well without his fourth limb. In fact, he’d probably love you even more for picking him.

Tales of tails

Our penchant for breeds is well-known and they certainly have their charm. No dog should be ignored if they need a home. But I’ve noticed more good-hearted humans opening their hearts to indies, especially in recent times. The streets may be the place many dogs have to make do with, but nothing can replace the warmth, care, and safety of a home. And what do these doggies have to offer? A smile, a lick, a woof, a companion, a playmate, a fitness partner, a sleep buddy, a stress-reliever and home-warmer. It makes no difference which type of pet you get, they’re all of those things and more.

Butter doesn’t know he’s an indie, he doesn’t even realize he’s different from all those other dogs with four legs. All he knows is he’s a dog, he wants to run and play and love and be loved in return. Isn’t that what we all want??

Paths less traveled are always special

It takes a special kind of person to adopt a pet with special needs. Someone who sees the soul and the great joy of having a dog that is truly different from all the rest. Sure, people will look at him and say, “Wow, it’s such a great thing you did to take in a 3-legged dog!” but that’s not the reason you wanted to do it. You wanted to bring him home as you wanted to see what he could achieve and how you could help him be even better than any four-legged pet. The satisfaction you’ll get when you see him jump or outrun a cat will be immense.

Heartwarming journey from adopt to adapt

The words adopt and adapt are so similar. Dogs have to adapt to new surroundings and new physical challenges as well as mental ones. You have to adapt to having this new soul in your life. And then you both adopt each other as companions and soul mates.

Right now, Butter is in the shelter that rescued him and brought him back to health. He’s a strong one-and-a-half-year-old male dog who has his whole life ahead of him and hopefully it won’t be confined to the four walls of a shelter. Freedom is important to dogs, just as it is to humans. He’s waiting for an angel to take him on an adventure so they both can explore a new world together. Something you’ll only discover if you have a pet that takes you everywhere. You’ll make new friends, meet new doggies, find pretty new places to walk, and maybe even go on a pet trek together once a year.

There is no such thing as an imperfect pet; it’s just a pet who hasn’t found the perfect pet parent. Let’s hope there’s someone great out there for Butter so that he can fly.