Canine on Duty


Saving our souls… canine commandos

“A good dog deserves a good home,” says a famous proverb, well now-adays, it should be, “A good dog deserves a good job and good rewards,” and why not… they have it all. They are being appointed as officers and are indispensable parts of our military and para-military forces. Some are winning international rewards, while others are getting bravery awards, its all win-win situation for them. Here’s a tribute to our canine heroes. Dogs are our guards… since time immemorial. But they are not only protectors of our homes but are joining the forces and serving the nation…not only in India…but world over.
Inspecting terror… a canine way
Inspectors Shiva and Zorro have a reputation of being no nonsense offi cers of Bhopal’s Railway Protection Force (RPF). The areas under their jurisdiction are from Khandwa to Jhansi besides VIP duties. People swear by their honesty and commitment and know that nothing escapes their keen senses…they can easily smell the fi sh. These “offi cers” are sniffer dogs, put into service by the Bhopal police force. Inspector Shiva is a Labrador while inspector Zorro is a Doberman.

Canine commandos… at army headquarters
Today sniffer dogs are not only part of the police force, but Army as well. With time, their contribution towards smashing terrorist hideouts and seizure of arms and ammunition has gone beyond expectations… Bow, sniffing terror all the way and nailing criminals and terrorists too. There have been innumerable instances where Army sniffer dogs have been of use in anti-military operations. It was keeping this in mind that in Jammu, the Remount Veterinary Corps have been engaged in the breeding and training of dogs and mules for assistance to the troops.
In fact, be it the urban concrete jungles or the unfriendly terrains of Siachen, sniffer dogs are always up to their jobs…wholeheartedly. In fact in the confi nes of snow and ice, the sole companions of our Army men are these sniffer squad. They know that God forbid, if they ever get lost in the icy wilderness, it is only their canine friends who will find them. These dogs are trained for avalanche rescue, bomb detection and guard duties, among other things.
Saving …world over
World over, canines sniff out both explosives and human threats.
The state of Israel uses the largest number of Military working dogs of any country today besides France. Their Army, Air Force and Navy, all have K9 units, used mostly for routine security, patrolling, explosives detection and even rescue. If that’s not enough, here’s something more, Israel also has “Civilian K9 units,” like the SAR K9 units (the yellow helmets), who provide internal security for Jewish settlements, in the Gaza Strip, West Bank and other areas.
With their dedication, fearlessness, loyalty, instincts, and zealous participation, these canine members are proving to be indispensable for their human counterparts. With more and more such wet-nosed members being inducted into the forces – they are really proving to be “man’s best friend,” in more ways than one in today’s world.

– by Amrita Sharma