Work-Life-Woof: Gen Z’s Ultimate Guide to Pet Parenting Success

If you were unaware, people born between 1997 and 2012 are known as Gen Z. They are hustlers and caretakers at the same time. Here’s a ‘paw’some guide for Gen Z pet parents who want to balance work and pets in the best possible way!


Gen Zs know what they want and will not settle for anything less. That’s what makes them stand out! In fact, they are enthusiastic about adopting pets, even Indie dogs, who were once looked down upon. A report by Segmanta suggested 46% of Gen Zs feel safer, more responsible, and less anxious with a pet around them. Gen Zs are also a major contributing factor to the growing pet care industry not only in India, but the world over. Clearly, this generation of hustlers works towards the best for their pets.

With most of the Gen Zs being in their early teens and twenties, it can seem like a lot to handle. Gen Z pet parents, you have proven that when the going gets tough, you fight back. To make sure you hustle like a pro and do not worry about being the perfect pet parent, here are some tips and tricks that are sure to help.

From zoom meetings to grooming, have a routine

Establishing a routine for your pet is the best thing to do. It’ll get them trained and used to doing certain activities at the same time everyday, which will in turn help you plan your day better. You can take this as motivation to start a new routine that’s better aligned with your and your pet’s health. Waking up, taking a walk, stopping for a quick potty break and prepping some breakfast becomes super easy with some handy training tips.

Juggle and find a balancing act

Most of our days are spent at work. If you have to go to the office daily, you need to figure out food and activities for your pet beforehand. You might consider a pet sitter too. If you have the luxury of working from anywhere, you could opt to work from home or from pet-friendly cafes and workspaces. If possible, you can also encourage your management to allow pets at the workplace. That’s a trend no one is complaining about, and we get why!

Zoning in on pet happiness

Assuming that you will not be around your pet at all times, determining which places are no-go zones for your pet will help. Invest in training your pet to stay by themselves when you’re not around. Make sure you’re keeping valuables and toxic items out of the pet’s reach. Starting small always helps when it comes to training.

Do it the Digi‘tail’ way

Thanks to smartphones and the internet, everything is available online in just a few clicks. Make online pet shopping your BFF. You can get groomers, pet walkers, and quality ready-to-feed food for your furry friends easily online. Since you need to save your efforts for the things that need attention, like your work and your pet, it makes absolute sense to turn to tech for such things.

Embrace the power of together

Let’s be honest, you can never know everything, no matter how hard you try. But the good news is that everyone knows something. This is why you need a support system of people you can trust and turn to in times of need. Your smartphone can come to your rescue. There are apps that allow you to connect with other pet parents and discuss matters of importance. Simply listening to others share their stories can help you fight off trouble someday.

Build your community and discover strength in connection

Photo-sharing apps, short videos, video logs and more! With a camera in their hand and a pet at home, everyone wants to share snippets of their lives with the rest of the world. As more and more pet influencers pop up, people are finding and building communities of like-minded people. This helps you stay connected, feel heard, and even meet great people and get more playdates for your furry baby.

As a Gen Z pet parent, you probably have a lot going on. Coming home to your pet wagging his tail and waiting to smother you with love is an absolute bop, and there’s no denying that. To ensure that you give them your best at all times, spend your energy making memories with your pet instead of worrying about the little things. With other things taken care of, you will make the best memories with your furry friend and also hustle hard like the boss you are.

(Garima Kaushal, Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer, sploot)