Santa Paws is coming to town:

Fun Ways to Include Your Pooch in Holiday Celebrations

The festive season is incomplete without the love and celebration with our furry friends. It is time we include them in our celebrations and make the holidays merrier!


This time of the year is filled with so much joy and cheer! It is the time to celebrate and bring in the new year with a lot of zeal and positivity. But amidst all the parties and enjoyment, pet parents do feel that void if their beloved furry friend is not accompanying them. So, this time let your pet be a part of the celebrations and bring a ‘paw’sitive change.

Here are some ways in which you can include your furry friend in the holiday spirit –

  • Paw-trait Extravaganza – Capturing festive moments

Not that pet parents need a reason to click their beloved pet’s photos. But this festive season, go the extra mile and dress your pet in some festive accessories and clothes and take the fun of photoshoots a notch higher! You can easily set up a photo booth at home, or get clicked around the Christmas tree at home. And don’t forget to share them with us on our Instagram page!

  • Gourmet goodies for furry friends

When you indulge in sweet treats, why should your pet be left behind. Bake dog-friendly holiday treats together. Use dog-friendly ingredients and easy recipes from the internet. You can make smoothies, pumpkin cookies, oat muffins… the list is endless. To add a little more fun, get festive moulds from the market for cookies and cakes!

  • Countdown to canine cheer –Pet-Friendly Advent Calendar

Yes, I know the concept of advent calendar is still new in India. But there are some brands that are doing wonderful work. You can take inspiration from them and make a dog-friendly advent calendar for your own pooch and even give it to your loved ones who are pet parents. The idea is to open a treat each day leading up to Christmas!

  • Joyful playtime

We know you spoil your pet throughout the year with new toys. But this time of the year calls for an extra gift. Gift your pet holiday-themed toys, such as squeaky toys shaped like reindeer or snowmen.Play interactive games with your pet using these toys and it’ll help them stay physically and mentally active, so a double whammy!

  • Whimsy Canine Couture

Dress your dog in a holiday-themed bandana or costume, like Santa inspired coats or t-shirts to celebrate the festive vibe. You can look around your city and will definitely find a lot of pet stores or can easily get them online as well.

  • Paws and pinecones – embarking on outdoor adventures

Winter is the time when you can go for long walks and soak up the sun. Take your pet on a walk through the decorated neighbourhood or markets. You could also take your furry friend for hikes in the wilderness around your city and enjoy the most of this lovely weather.

  • Cinema with a side of cuddles

What’s better than a cozy movie night-in? A movie night with your pet snuggles with you. Create a cozy space with blankets and pillows. Get some snacks for yourself and treats for your pet, cuddle up and enjoy a great movie experience!

  • DIY Awesome ‘paw’someornaments

Memories are etched on heart, but it is good to have some keepsakes. Let your creative side come out and celebrate with paws and colors. Create ornaments with your pet’s paw prints.Use non-toxic paint or clay and decorate the ornaments together.

  • Santa’s little helpers

Many pet stores, malls, or local events offer photos with Santa for pets.Check if there are any pet-friendly events happening around your city and make a plan for a fun-filled outing

  • Hip hip hooray with pompous playdates

Celebrations double when you have friends and family around. This festive season arrange playdates with other pet parents and pets and have a gala time. You can play games, get lots of pictures clicked, and enjoy great food (don’t forget holiday treats for your furry friends).

  • Pet presents par excellence

Getting all the New Year gifts ready to be sent to friends and family? Aren’t you forgetting something? Its time to elevate your gifting game and make it pet friendly. Get special pet-friendly gifts for friends/ family who have pets. It is a great feeling to make your loved ones feel special, so why not your furry friends.

  • Delicious delights for furry friends

The next time you are hosting a lunch or party, include your pet in it. You can invite your pet’s friends at home for a treat. And if that is too difficult to manage, make your pet the guest of honour for the party. Prepare a special holiday meal for your pet using safe and healthy ingredients. Ensure the menu aligns with their dietary needs.

Remember to prioritize your dog’s safety and comfort during these activities. Some dogs may not enjoy certain festive elements, so be attentive to their cues and make adjustments accordingly. The goal is to create positive and enjoyable experiences for your furry friend during the holiday season.