Pet Fair South East Asia 2023 Celebrates the global pet industry


The second edition of Pet Fair South East Asia was a great hit. The event took place from October 25-27 at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC). Pet Fair South East Asia 2023 connected 281 exhibiting companies from 43 countries with over 9600 visitors from across 74 nations of the world.

Pet Fair South East Asia – an essential event

Organized in Thailand’s vibrant capital Bangkok, Pet Fair South East Asia provides the international pet industry with a fully business-to-business partnership hub for distribution, retail, and sourcing. The show, which celebrated its second edition in 2023, is jointly organized by VNU Asia Pacific based in Bangkok, Thailand, and VNU Asia, based in Shanghai, China.

Cosmopolitan Congregation: Embracing Diversity from 74 nations

The second edition of Pet Fair South East Asia welcomed a total of 9,646 trade visitors from 74 countries on the show floor, having a 65% local to 35% international ratio. The largest international visitor group came from Malaysia (4.30%), followed by China (3.30%), India (2.40%), Philippines (2.30%), Vietnam (2.10%), and Korea (1.80%).

The largest visitor group by business type were – importers (17.50%), distributors (16.40%), brand owners (15.20%), retailers (10.10%), and other pet food manufacturers (9.90%).

Global Showcase: 40 Nations Illuminate

The 2023 show floor featured 281 exhibiting companies from 43 countries. The largest exhibitor group consisted of Thai companies (31%), followed by China (15%), Korea (12%), USA & India (5% each), Japan (4%), Canada (3%) and Belgium (3%).

The largest exhibitor group by product type was – pet food (29%), pet treats / snacks (21%), pet healthcare (12%), pet hygiene (10%), pet accessory (9%), and pet grooming (7%). The organizers were particularly happy to have a significant increase compared to last year in exhibiting companies from the upstream pet food value chain, such as ingredient, machinery, and packaging companies, and were positive that in the future editions of the show these segments will further strengthen.

Prepping for next year with high spirits

The show will return for its third edition from October 30 – November 01 in 2024 with an extended hall capacity. 2023 exhibitors can book a booth presence for Pet Fair South East Asia 2024 at discounted re-booking rate throughout November. New companies can secure booths at early-bird-rate until February 2024. The show’s project team is already looking forward to welcome back the global pet industry to Bangkok in 2024 and to further improve and innovate the show, both on number and experience level.