Scientific Remedies brings Affinity Advance in India – A gift for pet parents

In the ever-expanding landscape of pet care and nutrition, India emerges as one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for pet food. In an exciting development, Scientific Remedies has proudly announced its partnership with Affinity Petcare to bring the pinnacle of pet nutrition to the doorsteps of pet parents across the Indian subcontinent. This collaboration holds the promise of delivering the highest quality of pet food, ensuring the health and happiness of our four-legged companions. On the sidelines of launch event, Dr. T. G. Chandramohan, Chairman of Scientific Remedies Pvt Ltd, Jordi Garriga, International Markets Director, Affinity Petcare, and Rakesh Mohan, Executive Director of Scientific Remedies shared their POVs with D&P on this significant alliance.


Scientific Remedies is one of the leading companies in the companion animal health industry with a wide product mix in the pet foods and pet healthcare segment. Founded by a visionary, Dr T. G. Chandramohan, with more than 45 years of experience in the Animal Health Industry, Scientific Remedies has been instrumental in introducing and establishing some globally leading brands and best in class products in India. Under the leadership of Rakesh Mohan, Executive Director of the company, Scientific Remedies has launched several leading multinational brands, such as Protexin and Macahl Animal Health from the UK, OPKO Health from the US and now Affinity Petcare.

Affinity Petcare is based out of Spain, with over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of pet food and is the mother to globally renowned pet food brands like Affinity Advance, Nature’s Variety, Natural Trainer and Ultima, among others. Their flagship brand, Affinity Advance, has a broad range of super premium therapeutic, wellness and speciality nutrition which is loved and recommended by pet parents and vets worldwide.

Affinity Petcare caters to both pet parents and vets globally with a wide range of products that focuses on pets suffering with different clinical conditions (also known as Veterinary Diets), healthy pets as well as pets with special needs. Scientific Remedies plans to introduce this range in a phased manner in India and have strategically chosen to introduce their Veterinary Diets portfolio under Affinity Advance during its first phase. The Veterinary Diets portfolio will be sold in veterinary clinics, chemists, and veterinarian partnered pet shops across the country.

This company belongs to Agrolimen, a family owned group that sells in more than 70 countries and ranks 6th petfood manufacturer worldwide. Having built a solid presence across Europe, Affinity Petcare recently embarked on a business expansion that started in Latin America. The company is now focusing on Asia, where they have ambitious growth plans related to its leading brand Advance.

Sharing his excitement on this, Jordi said, “As more and more families across India open their homes to beloved pets, this partnership seeks to provide a new standard of care, offering tailored, nutritious, and safe pet food options for the diverse needs of the nation’s pets. I am really excited, we have been discussing Indian market as an opportunity for very long. India has a huge pet population, around 30 million pets, mostly dogs. So if we look at the potential of market development it’s huge. We see good potential, economic development and pet food market is growing at 15 to 20% per year. So for reaching so many households, I think it’s great for us to have Scientific Remedies as a key partner.”

“India is one of the fastest-growing pet food markets in the world. Affinity Petcare is proud to partner Scientific Remedies to provide the best quality pet food that Affinity has to offer to pet parents in the Indian subcontinent. Our collaborative efforts aim at transforming the pet care industry in India. We are certain that this partnership will give us a strong footing in the India market and the desired scale,” he added.

On asking about the product range, company would be offering in the beginning, he said, “We as a company offer a range of different brands, all of them are the most super premium ranges of nutrition. When we enter the market, it’s very important for us to make sure we always have the right partner.”

To further elaborate the product range, Rakesh Mohan, explained, “We know that market for specialised animal nutrition is crowded. But, it is precisely for this reason that it is important for us at Scientific Remedies to provide nutritional solutions to pets that are clinically proven and evidence based backed by strong scientific research. That is the reason that we share the immense joy of introducing Affinity Advance through our association with Affinity Petcare today.”

He further added, “This is a historic event as we are launching many formulas, products and solutions for the very first time. For the first time, we are launching a company that is going to introduce a pet food, a clinical nutrition exclusively for pet suffering from atopic dermatitis and we are launching a food specially formulated for cats suffering from Feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). Cats are gaining popularity and we are also having multiple cat houses. Cats can get stressed and that stress can cause a lot of disorders as well. So imagine giving a food that helps cats alleviate this condition.

Also for the first time we are launching a food that treats concurrent conditions of both obesity as well as mobility because most of the dogs that are having arthritis, are also overweight. So doctors are often in a dilemma- What do we treat first, the weight or the joints? For this, we are going to launch a food that will treat both simultaneously.”

“We already have a remarkable market share in the therapeutics as well has the healthcare segment. Moving ahead, I can say that we will take to newer heights the solid legacy that my father, Dr. T.G. Chandramohan has established.” he said.

On a concluding note Dr. T. G. Chandramohan added, “With the growing adoption of pets in India, it has become imperative for pet parents and vets to have access to solutions that address pet care needs. We are pleased to introduce world’s 6th largest pet food brand, Affinity Petcare that will offer best-in-class products to Indian pet parents and vets. As veterans in the animal health industry, we offer a wide product mix in the pet foods and pet healthcare segment. With this exclusive partnership with Affinity Petcare, we aim to bolster our offering in the fast growing super premium pet food market. Scientific Remedies plans to launch Affinity Petcare’s brands for healthy pets and pets with special needs in its second phase. The company aims to become a market leader in clinical pet nutrition market in India and command over 20% market share in the pet food industry by 2033.”