Right training and socialization to strengthen your bond

Learn how you can become a responsible pet parent giving your pooch the right training and social skills.


Dog training is something that a lot of pet parents talk about. But do you really know what exactly is dog training? Dog training is learning, and it happens every second of the day. We are products of our environments. We can’t control our environment or reality but we can use the resources we have to keep a positive experience. Find out what this means and how is it connected to your pet’s training.

Taking forward the legacy of responsible pet parenting

Let’s run through some super basic things that you can do to improve your relationship with your pet.

  • Ditch the bowl

The best thing you can do for your pet’s daily training is to train-with-one-meal a day. Do some tricks, obedience, nose work and use the meal as rewards. As a pet parent you create engagement, strengthen your bond, and rehearse known good behaviors. Always remember food is a catalyst and motivator, so, be generous with it.

  • Get that daily dose of exercise

Exercise should be made a part of your pet’s daily routine. Just like you feed them every day, you need to make sure that they do some kind of exercise also every day. Go for walks with your pet or play a game of fetch. Remember to keep it easy and not to strain their joints.

  • Choose a flat collar and loose leash

The best way to walk is on a loose leash and a flat collar. Harnesses are a big no, as they only worsen the pulling and put a lot of pressure on your pet. Try and avoid using a harness, unless you need it for a medical reason recommended by your vet. Use some treats to engage your pet on walks.

  • Say yes to socialization

Socialization is not meeting every dog on your walk. That is going to teach your pet to pull towards every dog they see. Socialization is not going to a dog park and letting your pet run off-leash while being harassed by a bunch of other dogs. Socialization is the ability to ignore-the other dogs, people, or other distractions.

Teaching your pet to mind their own business is really beneficial. If your pet loves playing with other dogs, try and choose a neutral place so they can meet and ensure they have a strong recall. And remember that the right way of socialization starts at an early age. So, start when your pet is a pup.

Consistency and confidence are key to maintain their behavior and to improve their social skills.

(Arpana Keturah – Dog trainer at Canaan Pet Resort & K9 Academy, Bengaluru)