‘Purr’fectly protected-

Cat proof decoration ideas to keep your feline friends safe

Balancing festivity and pet safety one rule at a time! Keep these tips in mind to cat proof your house for the upcoming festive season and keep the dainty décor and your naughty pet safe.


Being a pet-parent of naughty felines is a full-time job. You cannot leave them unsupervised at any time because you don’t know when they’ll crash or break something while playfully hopping around. For the upcoming festive season, if you are planning to deck up your home, we recommend you tread with ‘cat’ious!

Here are some ideas to keep your beloved pet and the decorations safe.

Keep tinsels and tassels tucked away

Tinsel can be tempting for cats to play with and chew on, but it poses a significant risk if ingested. Opt for alternative decorations like ribbon or fabric garlands. Also, if your curtains or upholstery has tassels, then it might be a good idea to remove them. Cats can keep chewing on tassels and in worse cases choke on them.

Unbreakable decor for the win

Whether you are choosing décor for a party at home, Christmas, or New Years get together, try and go for décor which is unbreakable. Breakable items like glass and marble showpieces can be really dangerous for you and your pet. Another way to keep your pets safe is to have a thick carpet around your décor pieces, so that in case they fall they’ll not shatter into pieces and hurt your pet.

Let the faux foliage flourish

If you like having greenery in the house, but are a house of pets then it would be a good idea to replace your real plants with fake plants. They are easy to maintain and less messy as well. It is seen that when pet parents keep a lot of plants indoors, their feline friends play around them and might unknowingly chew on the leaves. Some indoor plants can be toxic for cats and you cannot keep an eye on your naughty pet all the time. So, don’t take any risk. Deck up your place but with artificial greens!

Festive fortress – shielding your Christmas tree

It is time when a lot of homes will have that big gorgeous Christmas tree up! If you are also planning to put up a Christmas tree, make sure it is secure at the base so that it doesn’t topple and create a mess. Use a stable tree stand and consider tethering the top of the tree to a hook on the wall for added stability.

Hang the ornaments a little higher so that your pet is unable to reach them. Reserve the lower branches for sturdier, less enticing decorations.

Spray away the blues

You can use a cat deterrent spray (that’s easily available in pet stores) on the lower branches of your Christmas tree. This way your pet will stay away from the tree and both the tree and your feline friend will be safe!

Love, lights, and care

Lights can instantly make any décor cozier and festive. For the upcoming festive season, try and put lights high up on the walls so that your pets cannot reach them. Also make sure there aren’t any lose wires. Tape them up or conceal them wherever possible.

Damsels of Dazzling heights

A low chandelier or a chandelier close to a shelf is your pet’s dream come true. She will love swinging on it and reaching new heights. So, make sure you

only have a chandelier if the ceiling is high and in the middle of the room so that your pet doesn’t get any adventurous ideas.