Sky’s passionate pursuits

Meet Sky, the handsome Siberian Husky who is the child of nature and loves spending time outdoors. Aishwarya is redefining the script of responsible pet parenting, so there’s a lot to learn.


Siberian Huskies are known for their unique wolf like appearance and erect triangular ears. They are intelligent and independent thinkers, which can sometimes translate into stubbornness. It would be best to start training them from a young age. They have a thick double coat that sheds heavily, especially during shedding seasons in the spring and fall. Regular brushing is necessary to remove loose hair and prevent matting. They are playful, energetic, and generally a healthy breed.

Heartstrings pulled only in the outdoors

Sky is a very outgoing boy and loves to do outdoor activities However, if I were to choose our absolute favorite pastime, it would undoubtedly be hiking together. What makes it even more remarkable is that Sky hasn’t celebrated his first birthday, and yet, we’ve already done three amazing treks as a team. Our shared love for hiking has allowed us to craft cherished memories and nurture a genuine appreciation for the outdoors and of course beautiful pictures.

Taking shenanigans seriously

Sky and his unlimited naughty antics keep our life happy. But this one, is one of the naughtiest things he has done. I got this beautiful vintage corset which had flowers woven into it. Sky was 5 months old that time and we would not leave him alone for more than an hour. One day, I quickly went to the local market and rushed home in less than 30 minutes. As I entered my home, I saw flowers on the floor and couldn’t understand how they got there. To my horror Sky had chewed out all the flowers from the Corset and they were all around our floor.

The funniest memory with Sky was when he once received an invitation to his furry friend’s birthday party and, to everyone’s surprise, as soon as the cake came, he devoured the entire cake within seconds without even batting an eye. It was so unexpected that we had to quickly arrange another cake for the birthday pup and the rest of the canine guests.

Pawsitively playful

I have taught Sky a couple of tricks but my favourite is teaching him to howl when I say I love you. So now every time I say I love you and he is near he says I love you too in his own way with a long howl. Huskies and their funny antics.

He’s truly the most amiable dog you’ll ever come across. His friendliness isn’t limited to just humans; he’s remarkably friendly with other animals too. Also, he hates conflicts so if he sees two dogs fighting or two humans shouting, he will immediately jump in and try to break it off.

Royal treatment – Spoiling him in style

Being a single independent dog mom, I pamper him a lot. Once every week we go out to a pet friendly place along with his other fur buddies, once every month we go out for a weekend and once every three months we go out on a vacation. As part of my job, I sometimes have to travel so we have this little ritual of ours when I bring him a toy every time, I come back from a business travel and his happiness knows no bound.

A lot of pets like to sleep on their beds. But that’s not the case with Sky. Most days he will sleep in his own bed, but some days he will be anywhere and everywhere. He is a little spoilt that way and he is allowed to sleep anywhere he wants including my bed, the couch, or his special chair.

Spirited Sentinels – Protecting with playfulness

Sky is really protective. Well, let me put it this way no one is allowed to touch my clothes or things behind my back. He won’t even let my house help pick my clothes for laundry. I have seen him getting jealous when I give attention to other dogs. He will jump in between or will start screaming on top of his voice.

He is very friendly and loves to play with kids. Every evening these little kids in my society wait for Sky to come down and play with them. He understands that these kids are small humans, so he is very gentle with them. He lets them pet him, caress him, and gives high fives.