Mission Back of the Pack

Ahoy, fellow pet lovers! Ever feel like the Back of the Pack is a treasure map, and you’re on a quest to uncover the mysteries of pet nutrition? Fear not, Drools comes to your rescue. Our latest campaign is your compass to decode the pet food secrets.


Deciphering the secret language of pet food packages is like embarking on a grand adventure in responsible pet ownership. It’s all about becoming the superhero pet owner – informed, aware, and ready to decode the nutritional mysteries behind that bag! This superhero skill serves as a magical gateway to ensuring the epic well-being of your furry friends. So, gear up, unleash your inner nutrition detective, and let the quest for the perfect pet food begin.

Paws and provisions – taking care of your furry friend’s nutrition

Keep an eye out for the ultimate must-haves that turn your fur-friends into health ninjas. Picture this: Chicken, the protein powerhouse, stealing the show in pet food like the main character in a blockbuster movie. But hold up – it should be the clean and by-product-free to keep the quality party going.

Enter the magical world of beneficial fatty acids – our heroes, Omega-3 & 6. Imagine it’s the VIP guest at the party, casually hanging out in eggs, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and a bunch of other cool foods. But that’s not all the awesomeness – just like us humans, our pets rock colonies of beneficial bacteria in their digestive tracts. It’s like a bustling microbial metropolis in their bellies! The right fats swoop in like caped crusaders, not only giving your pet a glamorous, glossy coat but also fending off chronic inflammation like the superhero defenders they are.

Now, brace yourself for the grand entrance of Probiotics! Together, they form the ultimate dream team, supporting the diversity and balance of those microscopic superheroes. It’s a pet paradise where tiny warriors ensure the well-being of our fur buddies. Time for a microbial fiesta in your pet’s belly – because health should always have a fun flair.

Picture your furry friends as rockstars on a health journey, grooving to the beat of a vitamin and mineral symphony. But hold the leash – puppies are like the calcium-loving superheroes of the squad, needing more calcium than even humans! The party doesn’t stop there. Imagine a feast with corn, rice and wheat – the Avengers of a pet’s diet.

Culinary care sans compromise

You need to be beware, lurking in the shadows are the pet food villains – by-products and impurities. Feathers, heads, feet, and entrails – they’re a big no-no. Say goodbye to those nasties! And don’t even think about inviting extra hormones and antibiotics to the pet food bash – they’re the party crashers we never wanted.

Being a savvy pet parent means reading those labels like a detective! It’s your passport to making choices that cater to your pet’s dietary desires and health dreams. So, let the pet food adventures begin – because who said nutrition can’t be a playful party?

Devoted towards delicacies for four-legged beings

Our dedication to honesty isn’t just a gesture; it’s a trust-building ritual. It’s like businesses saying, “Hey, we’re in this together, pet parents!” So, every time you decode a label, you’re not just shopping; you’re forging a trust alliance with the brands.

With drums rolling and trumpets blaring, our campaign is here to make reading labels a party! It’s not just about checking boxes; it’s about turning pet food detective work into a lively and interactive challenge. The “Back Of Pack Challenge” invites customers to embark on a mindful conscientious journey into the world of pet nutrition. We’re wagging our tails with excitement to get the Drools Mission BOP “Read the Back of Pack” Challenge started.

Gear up for ‘Back Of The Pack’ Challenge

On that note, we have put together a set of instructions for you to participate in our mission & win. The instructions include the following –

  • Create a fun video of yourself to turn the pack & read aloud the ingredients list aloud of any Drools pet food pack. Our motto is for people to actually know and understand what goes inside the pack and choose food with real ingredients and ‘no’ by-products.
  • Spread the word. Post on your account, Tag @droolsindia & use the hashtags Drools #MissionBOP #Read the BackOfPack Challenge. Ask your followers to join the challenge too.
  • Bonus points for adorable pet cameos.

Wait! Hear the Exciting News too? Videos with the Maximum number of likes stand a chance to Win a FREE International Trip and many more prizes to be won sponsored by us!

The timeline for this challenge is from 10th February 2024 to 10th March 2024. Share your videos, spread awareness, and join us in championing a healthier, happier life for our pets. Let us together unravel the mysteries behind the labels and celebrate the importance of informed choices in pet nutrition.