Signature Grainzero Woow Creamy Treats: More Than Just Treats

The all-new Signature Grain Zero Woow Creamy Treats are packed with flavour and will become your feline friend’s new best friend. Learn all about this delicious treat and its benefits.


Anushree ShelatkarFor our feline friends, every nibble is an adventure. Whisker’s twitch, noses sniff, and paws tap in anticipation – all fuelled by an innate desire for flavours that ignite their senses. Signature, a brand dedicated to crafting culinary experiences that elevate every kitty’s mealtime has launched premium quality creamy treats, poised to redefine the very notion of indulgence!

Unveiling the allure of
Signature Creamy Treats

While dry kibble may appease, it’s the velvety allure of creamy treats that truly sends their whiskered world into a blissful spin. Creamy treats are infused with animal protein and tantalizing aromas.

Signature understands that not all felines are created equal, and some sensitive souls struggle with gluten sensitivities. But it’s not just about being gluten-free, it’s also about crafting a symphony of flavors that sing to every feline palate.

We’ve combined the creamy, textures they adore with high-quality protein sources like Tuna, Chicken, Chicken liver, Salmon, Crab ensuring every lick is a journey into savoury bliss.

Picky Eaters? They’ll Be Pleading for More

Cats, with their discerning palates and independent streaks, can turn even the most tempting tuna into yesterday’s news. Well, buckle up, buttercup; because Signature Creamy Treats are going to change their whole mood. The smooth, lick-able texture is like a spa day for finicky feline tongues, and the irresistible savoury flavours will have even the most jaded gourmet kitty pleading for seconds and thirds, and maybe even a fourth… don’t judge!

Goodbye Gluten, Hello Gourmet Grandeur

Unlike the usual suspects on the pet aisle, Signature Creamy Treats banish the bland by ditching gluten & fillers. Instead, we are talking real, human-grade ingredients like Ocean fish tuna, crab, salmon, hydrolysed chicken liver, chicken meat, and chicken oil. Each element in this mix unlocks a secret door to your pet’s ultimate well-being, nourishing body and spirit.

Additionally, the inclusion of chicken oil fuels feline fitness with irresistible flavour and essential fatty acids. Taurine keeps hearts purring happily and their eyesight sharp. Omega 3 and 6 fatty caids support shiny skin and coat, and keeps their mind sharp and active.

Trial by Treats: When snack time turns into feeding frenzy

During multiple cat events recently, we put Signature Creamy Treats to the ultimate test to capture few videos And let us tell you, these treats were a hit. Imagine a scene: fur flying, paws tapping with impatience and transformed into battering rams, a tiny pink tongue darting in and out like a lightning bolt, playfully attacking the treats in a desperate plea for more. It was clear – Signature’s creamy treats have struck gold. This wasn’t just one isolated incident. Cat after cat succumbed to the creamy charm of Signature’s treats.

The Verdict: A Purrfect 10 Out of 10

If you’re looking for a treat that’s as good for your pet’s health as it is for their taste buds, then look no further than Signature Grain Zero Creamy Treats. These treats are the purrfect way to show your furry friend just how much you care. Their little taste buds will thank you for it.

P.S. Don’t say we didn’t warn you: once your cat gets a taste of this creamy crack, there’s no going back. You have been officially warned!

(Anushree Shelatkar – Content & Marketing – Signature PetFoods)