Happy Meow Year: 12 Resolutions for a ‘Purr’fect 2024

New Year is the time to set the mood of the entire year. So, take action and make some feline friendly resolutions this year for a happy and healthy 2024!


Every year, 1st January offers millions of people, including you, the perfect clean slate to set New Year resolutions with renewed motivation. But do your resolutions include your feline companion? This year, shower extra love on your beloved cat by embracing catfriendly New Year goals to improve her well-being.

1  Show up at your veterinarian more often:

If you think cats are lowmaintenance pets who do not need to see the vet regularly, think again! In reality, cats are experts at hiding illness despite being prone to several health issues. Regular veterinary check-ups can help detect symptoms of the onset of disease early, offering better chances of a successful treatment. Take your cat to the vet once every six months for an annual check-up.

2 Prioritize those pearly whites :

Can you recall the last time you brushed your cat’s teeth? Responsible pet parenting involves taking care of your feline friend’s oral hygiene and health. Untreated dental diseases can cause organ damage in the long run. This year pledge to make a sincere effort to ensure regular preventive dental care for your cat. It includes getting professional dental treatments and brushing her teeth at home. Aim for at least two toothbrushing sessions at home per week.

3 Cat centric home spaces:

This year, banish your indoor cat’s boredom by enriching your home with appropriate places for her to climb, play, scratch, hide and rest. Add more vertical spaces to your kitty’s kingdom by bringing cat trees, perches, wall shelves, etc. These elevated vantage points help your cat feel safe from perceived dangers on the ground. They also help ward off her restlessness by providing opportunities for her to carry out her instincts.

4 Fit felines are happy felines:

‘Getting fit’ usually tops the list of most people’s New Year resolutions, and it’s an equally wise goal to set for your pet. Your cat’s love for snoozing could make her prone to obesity. This year, help your pet maintain a healthy body weight by developing a customized exercise plan to suit her. It will reduce the risk of her developing painful joints and arthritis later. Incorporate puzzle feeders or treat-dispensing toys to encourage her to forage for food. If your cat is easily trainable, you could get her used to a harness and leash so the two of you could walk around the block.

5 Work hard, play harder:

Cats are sticklers for routine. In 2024, strive to establish a set play time for your cat with you and other family members that she can look forward to each day. Play sessions provide an outlet for your cat’s natural hunting and stalking behaviors. Regular daily playtime doesn’t just keep your cat’s mind healthy but helps burn off excess energy. It reduces the chances of your cat engaging in problematic or destructive stress-related behaviors.

Cats tend to get bored soon. So, keep the playtimes short. Two short play sessions per day will be more fruitful than one lengthy session. Make sure to reward her at the end of each play session.

6 Entertainment Pro Max with cat toys:

This year, bring home interactive cat toys to stimulate your pet. Games that provide a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural hunting instincts, like getting her to chase after a toy mouse on the end of a string or a laser pointer, are the best bet.

You don’t have to splurge on expensive toys to prevent her from getting bored. Items like cardboard boxes are a hit with cats, so have plenty of those around. Go ahead and get creative!

7 ‘Paw’sitive moments with your feline friend:

Because cats are more independent than dogs, it doesn’t imply that your feline pal doesn’t want you around. Cats get emotionally attached to their owners and miss them in their absence. So, one of the best New Year’s resolutions you can make is to spend more time with your pet.

Cats are usually at their energetic and playful best early in the morning or in the evening. Put this time to good use by playing a game with her.After your cat has used all her energy, sit with her in the evening to relax and unwind. Use this time to pet, cuddle, and groom her. This quality time will strengthen the bond between you.

8 Go ahead with a good grooming regimen:

Your cat may be adept at cleaning herself, but she will definitely benefit from regular brushing. It will help remove excess fur, thereby reducing the chances of hairballs. Go ahead and brush all her coat woes away in 2024. Use a slick brush to comb through your cat’s fur. Her enjoyment of the brushing process is guaranteed! Use a cat-specific shampoo to remove excess dirt and oil during her bath session. Reward her with her favorite treat at the end.

9 Daily duty for a clean litter box:

No one likes a dirty bathroom, least of all your cleanliness freak cat. Make 2024 the year you get into the routine of scooping out waste from the litter box daily. It will keep things tidy and prevent foul odor. Every few weeks, empty, wash, and refill the box with fresh litter.

10 Crafting a tailored routine:

Cats hate change! Even seemingly insignificant changes like moving furniture around the house or having new people over at home can make her anxious. In 2024, keep your cat’s stress tolerance threshold in mind before you make any changes. Make sure you bring in any change gradually. To help your cat feel in control, try to keep cat-specific activities such as mealtime, playtime, and fuss times at the same time every day.

11 Master the art of cat language:

How well do you understand your cat’s body language?Your cat communicates with you through body language cues or vocalizations like meowing. Learning to decipher what your feline is trying to communicate can go a long way toward cementing the bond between both of you. Knowingwhen your cat is feeling scared, anxious, or happy and being able to respond to her needs accordingly will strengthen the bond between you. Hence, one resolution for you is to take the time to learn what different cat signals mean.

12 Superpower of socializing:

Does your cat go into hiding when you invite people to your place? If yes, then your New Year’s resolution must help her improve her social skills. Getting your cat to socialize will help her feel more confident while reducing her anxiety regarding new situations, people, or new animals. Let the process progress at a pace your cat is comfortable in. Do not force her to socialize if she doesn’t like it. Give her the freedom to exit any social situation if it makes her scared or uncomfortable. Provide plenty of hiding spaces she can retreat to. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm her by trying to introduce her too much too soon.

Every time you socialize her, even if for a few minutes, reward her with treats so that she sees the process as positive instead of negative.

Hope these feline friendly resolutions will strengthen your bond with your pet and take her health and happiness to a new high!