Redefining Passion for Paws with Innovative Nutrition & Grooming Solutions

Pet-Ag has pioneered the science of animal milk replacement, offering a full line of trusted milk replacers, transition foods, and feeding accessories. They recently launched their products in various cities in India in Collaboration with Jomin Animal health and Pets Around the World. Sniff on…..


Healthy beginnings & beyond

PetAg is the leader in Neonatal Milk Replacers for Puppies and Kittens, with a line of products that closely mimics the mother’s milk and provide everything a puppy or kitten needs from day 1 to 6 weeks. The range of products include –KMR for kittens, Esbilac for puppies, as well as PetLac for puppies and PetLac for kittens.

Offering a wide line of supplements –BeneBac- which supports a healthy Gut, introducing and promoting the growth of 7 different healthy bacteria in the GI tract.Dyne a liquid Nutritional supplement for dogs with a high calorie supplement need. A line of highly palatable gel-based supplements for specific requirements like hairball control, skin and coat health, urinary tract health, vitamin and mineral supplements, and high calorie requirements. Along with a range of Professional grooming solutions in the brand name “Fresh N Clean”.

We are very excited to introduce these products to the Indian market and feel that pet parents will appreciate the quality, palatability, and their effect on their pet’s health. We have over seven decades of experience and success in the United States and have earned more than 95% market share. We are expecting that with Jomin support, these products will be successful and loved by pet parents.

Highlights from our India launch experience

The most important takeaways that we took from our launch of products in India are the deep love pet-parents have for their pets and the professionalism and devotion in the veterinary community. We found that pet parents are still in the process of finding out how to feed a healthy diet, that is natural but also complete and balanced. That is a challenge given the constraints everybody has in these days. We saw how important is for the pet parents to count on the experienced guidance of their veterinary doctors in achieving the best for their pets.

We also found that the pet business is growing exponentially in India as pet parents treat their pets like family. From our observations, the pet culture is strong in India. People hold their pets in high esteem as the humanization and premiumization of products trend continues.

Tails of triumph – The ever-growing Indian pet industry

According to the latest data, the pet food market in India is between 500 – 700 million dollars (This is prepared pet food only. It does not include accessories, health care, etc.). Experts say that the industry is expected to grow at 13% per year, which is double the growth rate of the global market.

As most markets in the world reach maturity and get saturated with products, India offers the opportunity to be present in the pet’s home at an earlier stage, building a trustful relationship with the veterinary community and pet parents, all for supporting the pet’s health. We see India following similar trend of other markets like China in the past decade, or Mexico in the last 3 decades. We could easily envision the Indian pet products market to be more than US$ 10 billion in the next 5-7 years, making it one of the top 10 markets for pets in the world.

Navigating New Horizons: India’s growth trajectory

We see high quality pet food starting to gain more acceptance as pet parents learn about the benefits of a balanced diet for their pets. We also see supplements getting wider usage to complement the pet’s diet and to support specific areas, like gut health, urinary issues, weight control, etc. In addition, as pets are cherished more, services such as health care, grooming, and boarding will also grow dramatically.

(Inputs by- Gina Devaney Head of Sales, PetAg, Dr.John Gladson – Managing Director, JOMIN Animal Health.Exclusive distributor of PetAg in India.;Tom Pletcher – Partner, US & Europe, PAW; Javier Cuervo – Partner, Latin America, PAW. Pets Around the World ( PAW) is the marketing partner of PetAg for the overseas market).