Ms. Desi Mr. Desi– A beauty contest to honour the beauty of indies!

A Beauty Contest for Indie Pets – Ms. Desi Mr. Desi was a great hit with more than 200 entries. Know more about this unique initiative by Woof Yums.


Woof Yums, in its bid to encourage adoption and create awareness about indie stray dogs launched India’s abeauty contest for indie breeds –“Ms. Desi Mr. Desi”- It’s time to honour Indian Breed”. The online contest saw more than 200 entries from all over the country.During February 2024, Woof Yums launched the seventh edition of this event. Prizes got more attractive when A Dog’s Story consented to sponsor the online event.

Canine connection: paws and empathy

The main idea was to curb puppy mill culture and breed specific purchases when there are millions of homeless strays with same characteristics freely available on roads. Empathy should be for all and everyone without discrimination.

Here are the few of the finalists and winners with their emotional stories as to how they survived tough times and defied death and were finally rescued by families who opened their hearts and homes to them.

Enigmatic Emma

She was cold and shivering…But her mesmerising eyes made all passersby stop and click her pictures and I was one of them. I was moved to see such a tiny furry creature shivering and instantly thought of taking her home as Landour gets to minus degrees during night…And now the tiny baby is still tiny as she weighs only 10 kgs after nine years and is full of attitude. She still grabs the attention of humans anywhere she goes, and people stop and ask me-Which breed is she, and I proudly say – she is an indie. (Suvadipta, Manali)

Awesome Pablo

I’m a year old but my brain is still 4 months old and all I want to do is play playplay! I don’t know how I got lost and separated from my hoomans but I was rescued off the streets and sent to Fur ball story boarding where everyone loves me, coz who wouldn’t? Just look at me!! (Mokshi Sharma, Gurgaon)

Kalu’s Charisma

Kalu is the most docile, obedient and calm dog one can come across.She adopted us about five years ago and life has never been better for us.Her home coming made our fierce Pekingese less aggressive and calmer! So a big thanks to Kalu. (Kamaljit Beesla, Gurgaon)

Suave Sherry

Sherry was found on the streets as a stray puppy, malnourished and abandoned. A girl took him and his other siblings in and fostered him until I adopted him. His recovery was slow and challenging, but he never lost his spirit. He is now a happy and playful dog who loves nothing more than a good game of fetch and cuddling with his humans.

Despite his rough start, Sherry has become a smart, loyal, and affectionate pup. He has learned various tricks such as sit, stay, and high-five, etc but what he teaches me every day is far more important – patience and gratitude. I was going through a very tough time when he came in my life and since then I have always found a paw helping me to get through. At times he makes me feel maybe he is a human soul is trapped in a dog’s body. (Sreya Kaur, Kolkatta)