Yuvika and Gogo – Epitomizing true love

Yuvika Chaudhary is known for her acting and dancing skills. She won the nation’s hearts when she participated in Nach Baliye 9 with her husband Prince Narula. But do you know who is the heartbeat of this nation’s heartthrob? It’s Gogo – her pet!


Three names of mischief and fun

Over the years I’ve had 3 pets, Ginny, Chikoo, and Buddy. Currently, we have Gogo, who is my fourth pet. Gogo is a Chihuahua. You’d be surprised to know that Gogo has two other names – Hero and Piddi. Gogo is the name he got from fans, and Piddi and Hero are the names he got from my family.

Heart’s full of wags and warmth

I’m such a huge animal lover that every day is a memorable day for me with my pets which is full of love and cuddles. It won’t be wrong if I say that my day looks incomplete if I don’t meet my beloved pet.

Being with him, playing with him, eating with him, even sleeping with him. I love to spend as much time as possible with my furry friend. Gogo loves to travel and has done quite some traveling with me in the past. Since he is so tiny, it’s a benefit and easy to take him around.

A love beyond words

If you have ever been a pet parent you would know that choosing a favorite is next to impossible. Their unconditional love, faithfulness, and innocence just wins your heart. You just can’t describe how much they love you because it’s so unconditional. I can understand when Gogo is sick, happy, or what he wants. The same way, he understands how I’m feeling so it’s just beautiful. Gogo craves attention and he loves it when I give him that attention!

Taking the role of responsible pet parenting seriously

You need to take care of your pets just like a human baby. I take care of his exercise and nutrition needs and ensure that everything is given on time and he follows a routine. He doesn’t have a favorite dish, he’s still exploring. He likes to make friends, and he’s very friendly. Even on set, he loves to face the camera. His favorite treat is the calcium bone and loves to spend time relishing it.

Paw Fun

  • Favorite activity together: So many! Playing with his toys, he’ll choose one and bring it to you and play with you. Then he does this strange thing of taking his house, which is bigger than him near the bathroom, and will sleep there, and does his business in there just like that without us having trained him.
  • Annoying habits: He’s very small, almost a year so no such annoying habits yet. He’s a good boy.
  • Qualities you love: His god-gifted quality of being intuitive.
  • Funny/ Crazy antics: He has a funny cute walk. It’s kind of a happy walk wherever he goes spreads smiles. He’s like our small toy and bundle of joy…full of positivity!